Soldiers of the Anti-Christ: The Lukewarm

So, because you are lukewarm, and neither hot nor cold, I will spit you out of my mouth. (Rev. 3:16)

“Very truly I tell you Pharisees, anyone who does not enter the sheep pen by the gate, but climbs in by some other way, is a thief and a robber. (John 10:1)

Time to pin the pope to the dartboard for a bit.

Pope Francis has been one of these elusive characters that everyone secretly is hoping is orthodox in his faith, but in the deepest recesses of our minds, we all know something is not quite right.

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Francis.105109340_oEvery week the Pope says something that has the Evangelicals screaming out “like whaaat??!” And every week the Catholic Damage Control Unit takes to the airwaves and explains how we should really decode Franny’s latest encryptions.

Everyone is moved by the Pope’s dedication to “the least of these” in our society.

Being a big fan of the forgotten, I have to admit, I, along with probably even the hardest of thugs, could not help but shed a tear when witnessing the Pope jump out of the “pope mobile” and lambaste that crippled kid with love.

Francis just seems like that kind of person who is aware of his surroundings and the space that the less fortunate occupy. And that’s rare.

But Francis seems to have his wires crossed somewhere. I can’t help but suspect that there are some shenanigans happening behind the closed doors of the Vatican.

The Catholic Church‘s recent commercial features a Muslim, a Jew, a supposed Protestant and a Catholic Priest. All have one thing in common according to Franny: they all have an accepted, but different path to God.

For that group of us who have always suspected the Pope of thinking ‘Universalistically’, this was the “Aha! We have you now!!”

There’s really no arguing what the Pope believes now.

There can be no one from the Vatican Damage Control Unit rushing to their blog in order to re-interpret what has been said in a plain and exposing manor.

But one can be sure, that with such an advertisement of Francis’ theology on salvation, he will become the most championed cleric in the Left World.

And so, Francis will receive only the choicest spot in the mainstream media from this moment on.

It was whispered that Pope Benedict had spoken of the next Pope not being a good man. But when Francis hurdled the door of the pope mobile in order to make his way to that disabled young man, we found ourselves somewhat disarmed. I remember thinking, “Hmmm maybe we shouldn’t put any stock into the words of a past pope who’s goal would have been to see all Catholic Masses return to being presented in Latin.”
But Benedict may be right.

The tremendous damage that will be done in a time of uncertainty by Franny declaring all Paths to God, even the Atheistic religion (ya figure that one out eh), as equal is just plain evil.

This folks, is the Anti-Christian theology of the lukewarm.

Now, I thought deeply on what I had just witnessed.

I realized that it’s not just the Pope that needs a spanking, but what about the other faiths represented in that commercial?

Do they actually have a crowd to go for coffee with besides their new friends who won’t eat bacon?
The answer, my fine-feathered friends is an overwhelming “yes”.
Let me give you an explanation starting with Islam.

Islamists, whether extreme in their theology, or moderate, both have the goal of world domination. One blows up the children in the ice-cream parlor, the other buys up all the business in your town and eventually gets onto the town counsel (see George Sada’s: Saddam’s Secrets: How an Iraqi General Defied And Survived Saddam Hussein).

But according to the Quran, only one is doing it right. You got it: the so-called “extremist”. That means the millions of “moderate” Muslims are actually not true Muslims in the sense of being totally committed to Allah. This friends, makes them “lukewarm Muslims” (unlikely to make it to paradise).
But according to Pope Francis, they will make it to heaven somehow.

Millions of Jews attend synagogue but rarely follow the Torah, the Talmud or the Ten Commandments for that matter. This would make them, cultural, at best liberal Jews.

The Catholics (although I have some dear brothers and sisters in Christ who identify as Catholic) are well known to live quite worldly Monday to Saturday, catch a Mass Sunday and hit the confession booth to erase the carnage of the week. These could be classified as, well, just Catholics.

To be Buddhist, you can really do or believe anything you like (evidentially, the Buddhism we now witness, has evolved into something very different than it started as long ago). In reality, only the monks practice a disciplined style of Buddhism.

Of course, then there are us Protestants.

Francis Chan, in an interview about his book “Crazy Love,” answered the question whether or not most of the church found itself lukewarm, with a “Yes”.

What we have here folks, is five massive faith groups who, for the most part, take their faith half-heartedly.

We have the masses of the lukewarm in the Christian church. Outside of Christianity, they are cold to Christ, but lukewarm to their own system of worship. All of them approach who they figure God is with a “Meh…”

They are probably all universalistic in thought.

They most likely would not die for their faith.

With an outstretched index finger, a “Tsk!” and a scowl, they would classify us (devout followers of Christ) as “fundamentalists” and intolerant.

These people are prime candidates for the Anti-Christ to build a one-world religion, and just look who is leading them out of the gate?

Even professional “flip flopper” Rick Warren confessed Francis as, get this, “Our Pope”.

1 John 2:18 declares that many Antichrists have come into the world.

Personally I’ve never put an overwhelming amount of stock in any Pope being the antichrist. But it’s looking more and more like Pope Francis, if not an antichrist, could certainly be a sort of John the Baptist for the Big Cheese Antichrist mentioned in Revelations 13.

This leads me to yet another prediction:

The church will unofficially split into two churches. It will become two very different creatures.

One will follow status quo and current culture, therefore denying God as supreme lover of their souls and ruler; the other will go underground and truly follow Jesus until death do they unite.

It is this lukewarm populace that will be the body of the upcoming one world religion.

I used to think that the lukewarm would be just a danger to themselves; I now believe that they are a danger to the Bride of Christ.

Time to choose your team.

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JG Smoothy
JG Smoothy is a musician and the writer of UNDERSTANDING THIS JESUS THING. He has one wonderful wife and three crazy children. JG is a pastor in Southern Alberta Canada and is in the middle of yet another book writing project.

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