Sodomy-Based Marriage Supporter John Stossel Acknowledges ‘Gay’ Mafia

The list of sodomy-based marriage supporters with the mettle to acknowledge the existence of the “gay” mafia continues to grow. First, there was media mogul Michael Ovitz … next, HBO Real Time host Bill Maher … then comedian Adam Carolla. And now we can add libertarian John Stossel to that burgeoning number. It really doesn’t take a genius to identify the thuggery of the homosexual lobby, but it does require a display of the type of courage that is so sadly lacking these days.

On his FOX Business show Thursday, commentator John Stossel debated marriage policy with conservative scholar Ryan Anderson of the Heritage Foundation.

“In a provocative edition of Stossel, themed as Libertarians vs. Conservatives, Anderson was the sole guest for a segment exploring how the two groups may differ on marriage,” the reported.

Stossel raised several of the standard objections to the conservative perspective on marriage, and Anderson responded with a strong defense of the traditional position. Although the two failed to reach any significant agreement on marriage law, they did manage to find common ground with regards to the threat that homosexual activism poses to religious liberty. Finally, libertarians and conservatives can unify around the undeniable, mounting menace of the “gay” mafia.

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Anderson explained, “What we’re concerned about is when the baker, florist, photographer or Christian adoption agency is coerced, penalized, even shut down by the government for wanting to treat the union of a man and a woman in marriage as distinctive.”

“We’ve seen Catholic Charities’ adoption agencies forced out of finding homes for orphans — because they wanted to find moms and dads for orphans,” Anderson continued. “How is that ‘live and let live’?”

“Well, it’s not, and libertarians would agree with you about that,” Stossel conceded.

After reviewing a litany of recent headlines in which the homofascists have assaulted the religious and conscience rights of Christian business owners, Stossel declared, “That’s outrageous. And yet when someone said they ought to have the right [to refuse service], the Arizona Governor backed off…”

There’s a new gay mafia policing America, saying, ‘You can’t even disagree with us.’

The “gay” mafia will not permit dissent. Tolerance is a one-way street, and some homosexuals like Washington Post columnist Jonathan Capehart have admitted as much. It’s tolerance for sexually aberrant behavior, and totalitarianism for those who dare to uphold morality, especially when it’s biblically based. Their violent and abusive behavior are obviously the desperate maneuvers of a morally-bankrupt movement lashing out for want of a solid, intellectual argument.

“It’s amazing the ‘thought crimes’ committed here. We should be able to voice our opinions without being penalized, especially by the government. If you think that photographer should take those pictures, you can not hire her to be your photographer. You don’t have to have the government fine her,” Anderson concluded.

The homosexual activist tactics involve brazen coercion, intimidation, reprisals, threats, and attacks — that’s exactly why we call them the “gay” mafia. However, while the organized crime mafia never officially had the force of law behind them, that’s not the case with the “gay” mafia. Like a malignant cancer, their tentacles have become ominously entangled throughout all branches and levels of the government, strangling the life out of our constitutional republic. That makes them decidedly more dangerous.

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Jeff Allen
Jeff Allen is both a senior editor and columnist for BarbWire. He also serves as senior pastor in a mainline Christian church in Indiana. He is an ordained elder in the Church of the Nazarene. Jeff is involved in several community ministries.

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