Socialist Venezuela’s Collapse Huge Warning Against America’s Democrats

Venezuela is a model socialist country, one that has been hostile to the United States.

The government is very tyrannical.

Their national healthcare system is a disaster causing many pregnant women to cross the border into Colombia to have their babies.

Inflation has been described at being over a million percent, making the nation’s currency virtually worthless, leading the nation to raise taxes over and over and over again.

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Yet, socialists continue to cling onto control of the oil rich nation as everything around them comes crashing down.

What Venezuelan socialist President Nicolas Maduro has done to his country, has led President Donald Trump top officially recognize Maduro’s opposition leader Juan Guiado to be the Interim President.

Fox News – Venezuela’s leadership crisis ‘cannot be ignored’ as world picks whether to back Maduro or support opponent Guiado – The re-invigorated political standoff between Nicolas Maduro and his vocal and inspired opponents has turned the gaze of the international community towards Venezuela’s humanitarian and economic plight, increasing pressure on the socialist leader.

The South American country is navigating uncharted political waters after congress chief Juan Guiado declared himself interim head of state on Wednesday and demanded democracy and free elections – quickly garnering the diplomatic backing of the United States. Maduro however has been backed by the likes of Russia and China.

“The citizens of Venezuela have suffered for too long at the hands of the illegitimate Maduro regime,” President Donald Trump said in a tweet officially recognizing Guaido as the Interim President of Venezuela on Wednesday…

What has been and now is happening in Venezuela should be a huge wake-up call to everyone here in the America.

Democrats are pushing national healthcare, but it failed in Venezuela.

Democrats are pushing to raise taxes, such as Ocasio-Cortez’s proposal to raise the taxes on the wealthy up to 70%, but all the tax increases in Venezuela only led to runaway inflation and total devaluation of their money.

Democrats are pushing tons of socialist agendas with the goal of establishing a socialist government, the socialism in Venezuela is failing miserably as it usually does in socialist nations.



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