Socialism vs. Capitalism

The socialist/communist sees a dog-eat-dog world. He naturally wants to fix it. He believes he has the power to re-create human beings to change the dog-eat-dog world into utopia.  He wants life to be a walk in the park, not a competitive scramble to survive.
The trouble is, reality intervenes.
The socialist/communist does not have the power to re-create people.  He cannot change the world.  He cannot make life a walk in the park.  The more he tries—through centralized power, re-education, behavior modification and enlightened appeals—the more  he fails, driving him to increasingly dictatorial means: threats, punishment, incarceration, and eventually, torture and execution. 
One hundred million people killed by such dictators last century testify to the truth. 
On the other hand, capitalism, in its highest form, recognizes that people are selfish.  But instead of trying to change the unchangeable, capitalists work to redirect our selfishness into constructive self interest combined with virtuous business practices and charity. 
The fact that capitalism has raised billions of people out of poverty and delivered the greatest prosperity in history, is testimony to the truth, that capitalism is preferred, especially when combined with representative self government and the virtue-driven life. The fact capitalism contributes far more to charity than any other economic engine is further testimony verifying the superiority of capitalism.  
PS: The largest sector of the American economy is comprised of small business.  The central creed of American small business has largely been articulated by the Rotary Four-Way Test.  Check it out!  It works!

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