Socialism in America v. Real Reason for Season

One of the foundational tenets of socialism is that there is no God, only the government.

Socialists don’t want any of their people to believe in anything other than the government nor do they want the people to rely on anyone or anything else for any of their needs, except the government.

Socialists regularly challenge the person and teachings of Jesus Christ, trying to get the people to doubt, question or have a wrong understanding of what and who Jesus really is.

As we approach the Christmas holiday, the divide between socialism and the real reason for the season – Jesus Christ – will ramp up and take a new urgency on both sides.

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Sparta Report – Socialism in America Vs. the Real “Reason for the Season” – I began writing my daily articles in April of 2010.

Over eight and one-half years later, the struggle to prevent Liberals from rewriting our nation’s history continues…as does the fight to keep the greed and avarice of those promoting the installment of Marxist Theory in our political, medical, and religious institutions from consuming our nation in a fire of self-destruction, as it has other nations before us.

As we Americans begin to get our Christmas Decorations out of their boxes and tubs and start buying presents for family and friends, I can’t help to think about the “Reason for the Season” and the “State of the Union” as it relates to Jesus Christ.

Friends have asked me if I believe that Christ would be in favor of the “Social Justice” movement that has infiltrated some churches in America, replacing Christian Doctrine with a Modern Liberal Political Agenda…

Anti-Christian socialists will try to get you to believe that Jesus would be supportive in social justice, free medical care, free tuition and open borders, but none of that is true.

If you read Scripture, Jesus did not teach on any of these things and in fact, He told His people to render to the government what the government is due and to respect and obey all authority placed over them, good or bad.

Jesus never taught against the Roman rule or advocated doing anything that was against Roman law, so don’t fall into any of the socialist traps that are waiting to snare you.



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