Snopes Charged with Claiming Left-Wing Fake News Attack on Trump was True

Many unknowing and gullible people turn to Snopes for the truth for many things found on the internet or in emails.

They blindly believe that Snopes is 100% accurate.

However, over the past few years, it has been revealed that Snopes is not always accurate and that they are very left-leaning organization that appears to be part of the effort to smear President Donald Trump and all conservatives.

In the latest attempt, Snopes validated a meme showing a number of members of Congress with Xs over their face and claim they had been voted out of office because they voted against Obamacare.

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The meme has since been proven to be false, which means that Snopes was wrong.

The Lid – Lefty ‘Fact Checker’ Snopes Claims Fake Left-Wing Attack on Trump is ‘True’ – Snopes, the fake “fact check” site run by liberals, has been caught trying to justify the lies in an anti-Trump meme that is making the rounds this week. But after it was found lying in an effort to harm Trump, Snopes desperately tried to backtrack.

The false meme aimed at attacking Trump features a photo of the president surrounded by a large number of members of Congress and other Washingtonians with Xs over many of their faces. The meme maintains that those with Xs over their faces were “voted out of Congress” because of their votes against Obamacare, Daily Caller reported.

But it turns out that the claim that the Xs represent those voted out because of Obamacare is a lie…

On more than one occasion, I have found Snopes to be inaccurate and in the majority of instances, the inaccuracy was left-biased.

In the case of the anti-Trump meme mentioned above, several sources proved the meme to be false, including one left-leaning source.

However, Snopes continued to claim the meme was true and continued to purport the anti-Trump lie for want can only be a political hit-job on Trump.



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