Smollett Not Out of Hot Water – Could Face Federal Charges

Empire star Jussie Smollett continues to claim that he was attacked by two white males who physically assaulted him, all the while shouting racist and homosexual slurs.

As police investigated his claim, they found overwhelming evidence that Smollett had staged the attack and that it had nothing to do with the hate crime he had reported.

Police even found the two men whom Smollett had paid to attack him.

Smollett was then charged with 16 felony accounts.

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To everyone’s great surprise and shock, the prosecutor abruptly dropped all charges against Smollett and a judge cleared the charges from his record.

Everyone is wondering if Smollett is really getting off free and clear with the crimes he committed.

It seems he may not because he may still be facing federal felony charges.

Fox News – Jussie Smollett hoax charges dropped, but federal investigation, lawsuits could be next – Jussie Smollett may have had the criminal charges related to his alleged staged hate crime dropped, but the “Empire” star may still face both federal charges and civil lawsuits related to the scandal.

On Tuesday, the Cook County State’s Attorney dropped 16 felony counts against the actor stemming from his allegedly filing a false police report about a hate attack he claimed to have suffered on Jan. 29.

Though he escaped criminal charges, the legal fallout may not be over for Smollett.

Former Cook County prosecutor-turned-criminal-defense-attorney Andrew Weisberg told Fox News Wednesday that Smollett’s case is unusual for several reasons — most notably the speed at which his charges were dismissed. Smollett was indicted on March 8 and his charges were dismissed March 26…

What shocked me was watching an interview with the prosecutor who dismissed the charges admitted that he believed Smollett was guilty, but said his department was more concerned with violent crimes so allowed Smollett to agree to community service and lost of his bond.

Other legal experts have waded in saying this was not normal procedure as the prosecutor claimed.

The sudden drop of charges outraged Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and Chicago Police Chief Eddie Johnson, especially since the police department had spent a lot of man hours and money investigating Smollett and his claim.

Even more unusual was the fact that a judge sealed Smollett’s record, leading some to believe that there was some kind of payoff.

Hopefully, the feds come after Smollett with everything they have and charge him, prosecute him and send him to prison for his juvenile and selfish hoax.



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