Smartphones to Bring Antichrist Says Church Leader

Vladimir Mikhailovich Gundyayev is better known today as Kirill or Cyril, the Patriarch of Moscow and Russian Orthodox Church.

The Russian Orthodox Church is larger than many here in the United States realizes, with over 350 bishops who oversee over 35,000 parishes.

The Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church could be compared to the pope of the Roman Catholic Church.

Speaking on Russian state TV, Kirill told his followers that smartphones users should be careful because smartphones and technology will likely bring about the Antichrist.

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BBC – Smartphone users warned to be careful of the Antichrist – People’s dependence on smartphones and modern technology could bring about the coming of the Antichrist, the leader of the Russian Orthodox Church has warned.

Russian social media users largely responded with humour and scepticism, while some accused the Church of “serving the regime”.

Speaking to Russian state TV, Patriarch Kirill said smartphone users should be careful when using the “worldwide web of gadgets” because it represented “an opportunity to gain global control over mankind”.

“The Antichrist is the person who will be at the head of the worldwide web, controlling all of humankind,” he said.

“Every time you use your gadget, whether you like it or not, whether you turn on your location or not, somebody can find out exactly where you are, exactly what your interests are and exactly what you are scared of,” Patriarch Kirill told Rossiya 1.

“If not today, then tomorrow methods and technology could appear that will not just provide access to all information but will also allow the use of this information…

Warnings of the Antichrist have persisted for centuries.

During World Wars I and II, both saw numerous warnings of the coming Antichrist.

Adolf Hitler, Josef Stalin, Mussolini and Hirohito were all called the Antichrist at one time or another.

More recently, I remember seeing some people point to Barack Obama as the possible Antichrist.

I don’t want to get into the eschatology debate, but only want to remind everyone that Scripture warns us:

“Therefore you also must be ready, for the Son of Man is coming at an hour you do not expect.” Matthew 24:44.

The Antichrist will come when God says it’s time and nothing we do will change that, so, we should focus on living our lives each and every day for the sake of Christ and as if it were the day of His coming or the day He takes us home.



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