Siri & Safari Displayed Images of Male Genitalia When Asked about Trump

Leftists continue to attack President Donald Trump in any way they can in what can only be described as vulgar displays of pouting and temper tantrums like that of 2 or 3-year-old child who doesn’t get their selfish way.

If you recall, days after it was announced that Donald Trump had won with presidential election, thousands of your liberals walked out of their classes and jobs to sit on the ground and sidewalks and cry like devastated infants who lost their favorite pacifier or toy.

Even many of their teachers, professors and bosses sympathized with them by refusing to discipline their childish behavior.

In the latest example of leftist pouting, Siri and Safari temporarily displayed images of an erect male genital instead of an image of Donald Trump when asked questions like how old Trump is.

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Gizmodo – Siri Pulls Up Image of an Actual Dick When Asked About Trump – Maybe you’re enjoying a nice Thanksgiving dinner with your family when the age of the president of the United States comes up in conversation. Perhaps your family is discussing whether nightly double-fisted Big Macstakes a toll on the body, or whether California’s wildfires can be mitigated with raking (spoiler alert: the answer is no). In any event, maybe someone brings up the president’s age, and as no one is fully sure of the number, you decide to ask Siri.

Siri, you may discover, appears to think President Donald Trump is a literal human penis.

The apparent glitch was reported on Thursday by the Verge, which noted that the error may be the result of some turkey day trickster either editing Trump’s Wikipedia page or attempting to game an algorithm associated with the image Siri pulls up automatically. One Twitter user reported the image of male genitalia was also populating on Safari when searching Trump’s name…

This is not the first time such things have happened when conducting a search about Donald Trump and sadly, it’s unfortunate that it probably won’t be the last time such a thing happens.

Liberals see nothing wrong with exposing children, especially young girls to such graphic pornographic images.

In their warped minds, the  only things that are pornographic have to deal with conservatives, Donald Trump and Christianity.

Don’t forget the infamous piece of so-called art that depicted and plastic Jesus submersed in a jar of human urine.



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