Sign on Prof’s Door Calls Republicans ‘Heartless A**holes’


By Adam Sabes

A professor at California State University-East Bay displays signs on her office window declaring that “Republicans are heartless a**holes” and “F**k the A**hole in Chief.”

The signs were spotted at the office of Assistant Professor Monique Manopoulos by members of the CSU East Bay Young Americans for Freedom (YAF) chapter, which posted an image of the signs to Twitter Thursday afternoon.

The YAF chapter president, Bruce Rodriguez, told Campus Reform that the signs were discovered in Manopoulos’s office, which is located within the Student Faculty Support Building.

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Campus Reform reached out to the French professor, who responded that she is “just exercising my First Amendment right.” She did not care to elaborate.

“I’m fine with her being able to express an opinion,” Rodriguez remarked, “and if she’s willing to have a dialogue that’s great.”

Only one review mentioned Manopoulos having a political bias on her RateMyProfessors page, warning prospective students that “If you want to learn all about the professor’s personal opinions about politics and her life story, enjoy.” The others were universally positive, with one comment praising her “francophone rap/hip hop class” an “easy peasy” way to fulfill an upper-level general education requirement.

Manopoulos is hardly the only professor to publicly defame Republicans broadly, though.

In August, for instance, a Clemson University professor proclaimed on Facebook that “All trump supporters, nay, all Republicans, are racist scum.” Before the end of the year, a Virginia Tech professor joined the chorus, tweeting that “the modern GOP is nothing but white supremacy.”

Shortly after dozens of people were shot at a Texas church, meanwhile, another professor felt compelled to issue an apology after tweeting that “the GOP and NRA must, in fact, want mass shootings” because “it serves their interests.”

Campus Reform reached out to CSU-East Bay for comment, but has not received a response.

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First published at Campus Reform

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