Our Sights Are On the Wrong Enemy — Think Again!

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“For the most part, we have been targeting the wrong enemy strongholds.”

Yes, we have been very vocal about the Commander and Coward, the Enemy of Christianity, the Wanna-be Marxist, Honorary Jihadist, World Wide Supporter of Genocide Through Abortion and Champion of Pedophilic Rights (over little girls in change rooms):

Barak Hussein Obama

(aka: “Barry”)

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Yes him.

We know that Barack Obama gets his orders from somewhere. Yes, for those who dare to look at the whole picture, though arrogant, effeminate and corrupt in morality, we must admit that “B.O.” is just the face for a group of people known ‘disaffectionately’ as:

The Establishment.

Of course, all through the Primaries, we have seen first hand, what far-reaching arms The Establishment has. It’s like a political octopus. Yet the Establishment is prejudice to no party.

The Establishment

Rumors have dripped down the grapevine for years that whomever the establishment wants in power: will be in power.

It doesn’t matter if you are Dem, Rep or Rhino.

This kind of thinking has most always been shunned as ‘Jonesish’. And after his interview with Pierce on gun control, who would consider what Alex Jones had to say ever again!

But as out-of-hand as Alex got on Pierce’s Leftist Propaganda Hour, the guy was right. In fact Princeton University has officially labeled the US as an Autocracy, not a Democracy.

Just Because He is There

And hasn’t Trump unwarily been the most prominent whistleblower of an agenda lurking deep beneath the polyester suits? Supposedly, he hasn’t done this on purpose; he simply threw a wrench into the machine by simply being present in the presidential race.

It’s obvious by the establishments flailing (Romney and Cain? Seriously?) when none of the GOP hopefuls were able to stand with “The Master of The Deal”, that they had never dreamed the loud, brash, All-American billionaire would make it so far.

 Aside from what leftist media would have you believe, Trump is just too darn popular!

And now The Establishment must recalculate and try to pull Donald into the wood-chipper and reform him into a shape that they can use.

Good luck with that!

Media and The Establishment: A Marriage Made in Hell

But even the establishment cannot do this alone. Getting out there on the campaign trail, tampering with voting machines, bribing or blackmailing potential “problem candidates” can only go so far. In this day and age of iPhones, Blackberries, Galaxies, iPads, Tablets and Apple Watches we are hooked up by digital intravenous to what’s happening out there in the world. And it’s because of this the media has almost an autonomous influence over us.

“Yes folks, our biggest enemy is none other than mainstream media.”

Fox: Not So Conservative After All

Before the primaries, I might have listed off Fox News as being somewhat conservative in content. I mean, they have a priest as well as a religious contributor on staff. Dr Manny regularly speaks out against The West’s twisted eisegesis of medical science.

But I’ve always been bothered when witnessing smutty stories (Foxnews.com) or flipping past super leftist programs on regular Fox television programming.

Want a chuckle (or a shock)? Look up the name of some of the female Fox News contributors or anchors. Many have had professional saucy ‘pics’ done of themselves in scantily clad outfits or bathing suits.

Narcissist much?

Let’s get one thing straight, Fox is not a Christian station, but they do sell to a certain crowd: us.

They’re a bit like the Muslim vendor at the mall selling Christmas ornaments come December. They do it solely for the goatskins.

As I wrote in a previous article, if anything, Fox seems to be blurring their lines as to what they classify as conservative. They’re almost as bad as the Progressive Conservative party in Canada (recently announcing that they’ve been ten-years-behind on the marriage bit and now accepting Homosexual marriage as conservative).

We could maybe say Fox is fiscally conservative, but don’t dare take a stance on them being morally conservative, because that’s a species that you just won’t find in Fox’s Studios.

I think a good guess would be that maybe even Fox too, is under the spell of The Establishment (some of you are screaming out “Oh course it is!!”). One has only to recall it’s demonizing of Donald J. Trump during these Primaries.

Still, Fox, though not really conservative, is still conservative in outward appearance when compared to other mainstream news providers.

Self-propagating CNN has been busted numerous times now for fudging sound-clips and working directly with “Ol’Crooked” herself (Hilary).

I’m sure we all are witnessing Katie Couric (previously with three big news outlets) of Global News Yahoo have her credibility completely ground into powder because of journalistic fudging.

MSNBC has been accused of releasing fake “Palin” photos. Yes fake. Quite a bit more deliberate than a slip of a word or two.

Would the minuscule 1.8 percent of professing homosexuals have committed such wreckage if it were not for the mainstream media paralleling them to the suffrage of the slaves of yesteryear? Not likely.

All of the big guys minus Fox have been anti-Israel for no authentic reason other than it’s popular with the brainless. Go to an anti-Israel rally and ask them why the anger with the Hebrews? Realistically they don’t know, but CNN has reported the lament of the peaceful little Palestinians and the gullible protestors always get prime-time coverage.

The Farce Named BLM

And let’s not get started about “Black Lives Matter” (but don’t really matter or else BLM would be targeting black-on-black crime and African American neighborhood targeted abortion clinics where the stats resemble that of some sort of African American genocide).

Truly it must be fun to hate, beat and loot in an unrestricted mob.

As well, need we go into the media single handedly being the catalyst in order to get Barak into office not just once, but for two American sovereignty-destroying terms?

Focus Elsewhere

Unfortunately, while we have mostly focused on character assassinations (myself included), we have forgotten that truly, candidates such as Bernie, Hilary, Cruz and Rubio are only point-people for a party. Sure, some of these people are circus-freaks but they are actually there to represent their specific party, not themselves.

Deeper than this, is the ever-mounting evidence that The Establishment does exist and that 99.9% of the Big Boys are under their thumb.

Media Steering Countries

Down near the bedrock, we find the mainstream media, the multi-billion dollar propaganda machines slash publically accepted news sources. As they favorably or ‘unfavorably’ filter and fix reports, they build or destroy economies.

They strengthen or demonize national morality.

They set lewd fashion trends; they mock God, they deny the transcendent in favor of theoretical science.

They declare the rights of minorities over the good of the population as a whole.

Are you getting the gist of this?

This is the kind of power the media wields.

It’s darn well invasive.

Media: Make or Break the USA

If the media was morally responsible, they could be the US’s biggest ally to getting America back on track, to removing the corrupt.

Somehow the media has become the foremost authority on everything in North America. We no longer seek out qualified individuals to assist in making our decisions. We won’t even get off our couch to fact check. We fumble for the remote instead.

And speaking of fact checking, even sites such as Snopes (partially funded by leftist Czar, George Soros) have been found corrupt and pushing a left agenda. No, nothing is sacred.

Is the media scared?

With so much angst (coming in absolutely all forms) towards the truth tellers of today, could mainstream media be afraid of the repercussions of telling the truth?

About fifteen years ago I saw a speaker who had been on the National security board in the US. He also spent some time in NASA. He insisted that nothing got into the media unless approved by the powers that be (whoever they were).

Is this still true in the age of digital? Who knows? Considering some news anchors Twitter feeds display such personal repulsion towards anyone or anything conservative, I would guess that instead of telling news conglomerates what they will release, The Establishment simply makes sure those who hold media power are brainwashed lefties already.

The glorious Hollywood movies championing the daring reporter, ready to risk it all for the truth to come out, are nowadays at their root, fictional at best. Big paydays and fame are the reward for reporters now. They want to be celebrities.

Nonetheless, scared or not, the media is still the vehicle that the politicians and The Establishment are using to hypnotize the people. The media remains a gun in the hands of bad, bad people.

First Things First

Some may say that we have to get to the root of the problem, and I agree. But in a bank robbery, the police leave the counseling till after they have disarmed and subdued the robber. We the people need to pull these smoking guns out of the media’s hands before we can get analytical about fixing the broken machine.

Baby steps.

I encourage you to hold the media accountable and speak out aggressively against the true brainwashers of our people:

Fight mainstream media!

The opinions expressed by columnists are their own and do not necessarily represent the views of Barb Wire.

JG Smoothy
JG Smoothy is a musician and the writer of UNDERSTANDING THIS JESUS THING. He has one wonderful wife and three crazy children. JG is a pastor in Southern Alberta Canada and is in the middle of yet another book writing project.

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