Shut It Down, Mr. President Shut It Down – Better a Country Without a Government than a Government Without a Country

Dear President Trump,

The House handed you a victory by passing a stopgap spending bill with $5 billion for a border wall – a wall needed more than ever as the left intends to use the caravans, the courts and sanctuary cities to demolish the border. Even with the nuclear option, its fate in the Senate is uncertain.

As a Trump-voter, as the grandson of immigrants, as a man who’s committed to U.S. survival above all else, I beg you to veto any spending bill that does not include funding for this crucial component of border security.

It’s not just the criminal aliens who are coming here to prey on Americans.

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It’s not just the drugs, the potential terrorists, and the generations of dependents.

If left unchecked, illegal immigration will cost us everything – including our language and our identity. In a generation  or two, we’ll lose English as our national language – a catastrophe no nation has survived.

The illegals streaming into this country have no idea of what it means to be an American, and no interest in learning. Many actively hate this country.

Politically, this alien influx will eventually change red states blue. California will be our future.

Better to close down the national parks, better to give some federal workers a vacation, than to surrender America.

Even if vetoing the stopgap measure meant a total shutdown of the federal government – better a country without a government than a government without a country.

EDITOR’S NOTE – Thanks to Democrats and their open border and sanctuary status for illegal aliens, Hispanics, many of which are illegal, make up the largest ethnic group in the southern half of California.

I’ve seen reports where American citizen students have been reprimanded for displaying the American flag at some California schools on May 5, a day celebrated by many Mexicans.

The neighborhood I used to live in Mesa, Arizona was a family friendly neighborhood where our girls played outside without fear.

Today, it has become a Mexican slum, rife with crime, graffiti, rundown homes and lawns, all because of the huge influx of illegal aliens.

The grocery store we used to shop at weekly is now a Spanish language only store with no English labels or signs.

I’ve been told by friends that the neighborhood is so dangerous that you don’t even want to drive through it in the daytime.

If Democrats get their way, many neighborhoods throughout America will soon be just like my old neighborhood and no one will be safe, not even in their own homes.


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Don Feder is a former Boston Herald writer who is now a political/communications consultant. He also maintains his own website,
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