Should Trump Have Insisted Obama’s Not a Muslim?

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It’s almost comical the way the mainstream media are reacting to Donald Trump’s “non-correction” of a town hall questioner referring to President Obama as a Muslim.

I suppose it would’ve been more accurate for Trump to answer something along the lines of: “Well, you know, the president has said he’s a Christian.  He’s a poor excuse of a Christian, but I’ll take his word for it.”

Meanwhile, Rick Santorum had a good response when asked about this oh-so-controversial matter.

From The Washington Post:

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The former Pennsylvania senator told reporters at a presidential forum here in Greenville organized by Heritage Action that it’s not the job of presidential candidates to ‘police’ questions or voters.

‘It’s not my job, it’s not Donald Trump’s job, it’s not anybody’s job to police a question. The questioner can say whatever he wants, it’s a free country,’ Santorum said told reporters.

Is Trump a good Christian?  He’s no saint by any stretch, but I’d say he’s less devilish than Obama.

Maybe the pope can perform a secret exorcism of the White House when he visits. We can always hope.

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Matt C. Abbott
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