Should Kim Davis Resign?

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It seems as though now everyone in the country has heard about Kim Davis. Lots of different opinions about Kim Davis. Some people think that Kim Davis ought to resign her position as clerk of Rowan County.

Mat Staver: Matt, Kim has been in the news a lot. Especially since she was incarcerated. And then on the day that she was released from incarceration six days later. Lots of different people have opinions out there. Every major news network, every cable network, has done information and story after story after story regarding Kim.

Print, radio…you name it, it’s been everywhere. It’s been world-wide. People have opinions. And some people, even in the Christian community, say “Well, she ought to just resign. She ought to just leave her post if she cannot issue marriage licenses for same sex couples,” even those, who in fact, believe that marriage is the union of one man and one woman.

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Matt, let’s talk about that because the implications of Kim Davis resigning, not just for her, but for everyone, have far-reaching ramification, don’t you think?

Matt Barber: It’s absolutely earth-shaking if she steps down. And our brothers and sisters, there are a lot of folks out there…not a lot, but some Christians, and some other conservative folks that, as you mentioned, are calling for…well the easy thing to do here, Kim Davis just needs to step down. If she can’t do her job. 

And we keep hearing that phrase over and over again. But people need to understand here, and I find it somewhat frustrating, that these people that I otherwise respect, many of them, are saying these things. People don’t seem to understand here that if Kim Davis steps down from her elected position as Rowan County Clerk, this would represent, Mat, exile through attrition for her and her fellow believers…

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