Shame on Women for Not Denouncing Misandrist Hillary

Hillary Clinton is a misandrist. She heads the party and movement that hates men. And yet many American women support this woman or stay silent as she wars on their husbands, brothers, and sons. Shame on them for not denouncing her and demanding that she exit the race.

Men and women of all political stripes have denounced Donald Trump in the strongest terms. They say his supposed misogyny and behavior have forced them to call on him to end his presidential run. And yet through it all, most people have remained silent on the monster that is Hillary Clinton. They have ignored all her crimes and atrocities, including her War on Men.

Shame on everyone who has not denounced this evil woman. But in particular, shame on the women who have supported her or said nothing even as society attacks Trump.

Hillary and the Democratic Party are leading the War on Men in the armed forces. They are demonizing male troops while simultaneously feminizing the fighting force.

(WARNING: The below video contains vulgar language from S. E. Cupp and Krystal Ball.)

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Furthermore, she and the Party of Evil push the vile concept of “toxic masculinity” in society. This is a self-evident effort to make society (including men) loathe men for being masculine.

More women now attend college than men. But it isn’t enough for Hillary and her radical party. They control the schools, and they are ensuring that every student who attends college will hate men when they exit.

And then there is the abominable “transgender” insanity. Hillary and her party push it to destroy the reality of male and female. But they are particularly gleeful when they can use it to debase men.

So where are American women in denouncing Hillary Clinton? Where are all the self-righteous evangelical women in demanding that this misandrist exit the race?

Their silence speaks volumes.

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