Senators and Congressmen of Brazil’s Bolsonaro Go to China to Import Communist Surveillance System of Citizens

Senators and Congressmen of President Jair Bolsonaro’s party were invited by the Chinese communist government, which is paying all travel expenses, for them to get a closer look at the facial recognition system.

One of the objectives of the trip is for Bolsonaro’s PSL (Social Liberal Party) to know the communist headquarters where the Chinese surveillance system of Chinese citizens is operated, as well as communist companies that dominate this technology. The idea of the PSL is to achieve a partnership with Chinese communists and bring this technology to Brazil.

“The Chinese are very much ahead of us on the issue of public safety, and as a representative of the State of Rio de Janeiro this whole technology interests me very much,” said the Brazilian congressman Felício Laterça to the Brazilian news site UOL before embarking with a delegation of 12 lawmakers on their trip to China, on Tuesday (January 15).

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Included in the trip are Senator Soraya Thronicke, and members of the Brazilian Congress Carla Zambelli, Daniel Silveira, Tio Trutis, Felício Laterça, Bibo Nunes, Charltes Evangelista, Marcelo Freitas, Sergeant Gurgel and Aline Sleutjes, Delegada Sheila, all from Bolsonaro’s party.

Senators and Congressmen of Bolsonaro’s party doing to China

The Communist Party of China uses the surveillance system to keep broad social, political and religious control over its citizens by watching over them without their perceiving or doing anything wrong. Although the Chinese Communist government says it only uses this system against criminals, Christians and political dissidents are routinely punished and imprisoned.

According to UOL, congressmen and senators from PSL in the Brazilian Congress will introduce a bill requiring the establishment of facial recognition technology in public places to assist law-enforcement agencies in the fight against crime and the capture of suspects or fugitives.

Communist China employs the largest and most modern surveillance system in the world, which uses facial recognition to identify citizens — and thus arrest criminals and suspects. The equipment can recognize the faces of people, allowing to identify their sex and age, including information such as the car that the citizen uses, his more frequent routes, his relatives and the people with whom he comes in contact, financial and professional data and others issues.

The partnership with communist China comes at a time when the Bolsonaro administration, widely seen as right-wing, has clearly condemned the dictatorship of Nicolas Maduro in Venezuela. Nevertheless, the Venezuelan dictatorship has been less communist than the Chinese government, because Maduro’s dictatorship has not persecuted Christians as much as the Chinese government has persecuted them. So he who denounces Maduro has the obligation to denounce much more the Chinese communist dictatorship.

If the Workers’ Party, the socialist party that ruled Brazil during the Lula or Dilma administrations (2002-2016), had sent its senators and congressman to China to import into Brazil the Chinese communist surveillance system of citizens, there would have been an outcry. All conservative and right-wing writers would have denounced it as a communist maneuver for controlling citizens. But what will happen now that the right-wing Bolsonaro administration is doing it?

Many supporters of Bolsonaro criticized Pope Francisco for sending a representative to Maduro’s inauguration. But who will criticize the senators and congressmen of Bolsonaro’s party for doing something vastly worse?

Even if Bolsonaro’s party sent its senators and congressmen to the U.S. to import into Brazil some U.S. surveillance system of citizens, this would still be a dictatorial control. For many years American conservatives have denounced the immoral surveillance of the U.S. government over American citizens. The exposés of Edward Snowden against this system were widely supported by American conservatives.

Whether being imported from communist China or the U.S., constant state surveillance and control of citizens is a dangerous thing.

Regardless if it is Lula’s Workers’ Party or Bolsonaro’s PSL that is seeking such control, it should be exposed.

Regardless if they are seeking this system from Venezuela, China or the U.S., it should be exposed.

One of my favorite TV shows was “Person of Interest,” with Jim Caviezel struggling to keep the U.S. government from gaining control of a supercomputer for citizens’ surveillance. Unfortunately, the surveillance problem does not exist only on TV shows. It is a reality that is craved by left-wing governments and — who could tell? — a right-wing government in Brazil that wants the help of communist China to monitor Brazilian citizens.

With information from UOL.

Portuguese version of this article: Senadores e deputados federais do partido de Bolsonaro vão à China comunista importar sistema para monitorar cidadãos brasileiros

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