Sen. Tim Scott Says Democrats Serious About Immigration But Not Serious About a Solution

A year ago, when Democrats and Republicans began talking about the problems with America’s current immigration laws, there was a lot of talk but no solution.

Consequently, President Trump was again forced to do the work of Congress and come up with an immigration plan.

The big difference between Trump’s plan and existing immigration laws is that his is based on merit instead of having a relative in the country.

Naturally, Democrats came out opposing Trump’s plan as has some RINO’s.

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However, Sen. Tim Scott, a black American Republican from South Carolina says Trump’s plan in right and then said that Democrats have never been serious about a solution to the immigration problem they are constantly complaining about.

Fox News – Sen. Scott says Dems serious about immigration, but not about the ‘solution’: ‘Come to the table’ – Sen. Tim Scott said President Trump’s proposed merit-based immigration system is the right path, but it will be difficult to achieve comprehensive immigration reform if Democrats won’t come to the negotiating table.

Trump on Thursday unveiled an immigration overhaul plan that would dramatically alter how the U.S. accepts people into the country, upending the system in order to favor admissions based on merit rather than family ties.

Democrats dismissed Trump’s plan before it was even announced, indicating an uphill climb in Congress. Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said earlier Thursday that the plan “isn’t a serious attempt at immigration reform.” …

Scott is absolutely right about Democrats not being serious about coming up with a solution of the immigration problem.

I’m sure that all of you know someone who complains about so many things but rarely offers up a solution to fix the things they complain about or do anything themselves resolve the problems.

They seem to be happier complaining and being destructive instead of helping and being constructive.



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