Sec. State Kerry Blames Israel for Rise of ISIS

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CBN News, JERUSALEM, Israel — For some observers, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry’s remarks tying the rise of ISIS with the lack of progress in Israeli-Palestinian negotiations follows a pattern he’s adhered to all along.

The secretary of state made the remarks to Muslim guests at a State Department dinner celebrating the Eid al-Adha holiday. According to Kerry, Israel’s refusal to accept the Palestinian Authority’s demands fuels the Islamic State’s efforts to recruit more people to its movement.

“As I went around and met with people in the course of our discussions, there wasn’t a leader I met with in the region who didn’t raise with me spontaneously the need to try to get peace between Israel and the Palestinians because it was a cause of recruitment and of street anger and agitation that they felt,” Kerry said.

Israeli Economy and Trade Minister Naftali Bennett responded to Kerry’s remarks by saying “there will always be someone who blames the Jews.”

“Turns out that even when a British Muslim beheads a British Christian there will always be someone who blames the Jews,” Bennett said, adding that remarks like Kerry’s fuel global terrorism.

It’s not the first time Kerry’s accused Israel of being the problem. Last April, he said Israel’s refusal to accept the pre-1967 armistice lines as borders put it at risk of becoming an “apartheid state.”

Report via CBN News

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