Scoundrel Leaders Hide Behind Patriotism

One of the tools commonly used by scoundrels is to claim to be what they really aren’t, you know, the old wolf in sheep’s clothing.

How often have you heard reports of criminals trying to pose as law enforcement?

Then there are terrorists who infiltrate a nation and pretend to be a loyal patriot while all the time plotting their evil intentions.

Is this the case with Iran’s current leadership, namely President Hassan Rouhani, Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini and others who claim to be trying to revive the old and historic Islamic ways?

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Gatestone Institute – Mullahs Masquerading as Patriots: Will it Work? –

  • As it marked its fourth decade in power, the Iranian regime implicitly admitted the bankruptcy of its narrative, according to which the 1979 revolution was prompted by a desire to “revive Islam” which, after the death of the Prophet Muhammad, with the exception of the brief caliphate of Ali ibn Abi-Taleb, had been in agony.
  • Dropping the regime’s usual pan-Islamist narrative, President Rouhani adopted a pan-Iranist discourse, according to which much of Central Asia, Afghanistan, Pakistani Baluchistan, the Caucasus, Oman, the Musandam Peninsula, and territories now covered by Qatar, the United Arab Emirates and Kuwait must be regarded as Iranian land stolen by foreign invaders.
  • The crowd in Tehran continued gossiping, laughing and eating while Rouhani was trying to play Persian nationalist. Was he not the man who signed the Caspian Sea Convention dictated by Russia?

What do scoundrels do, when caught red handed in their shenanigans? According to an old proverb they wrap themselves in a flag and seek refuge in patriotism.

Something close to that seems to be happening to the Khomeinists dominating Iran, thanks to their control of the nation’s finances and monopoly on guns…

America has seen and is seeing the same phenomena of scoundrels hiding behind patriotism.

Barack Obama claimed to be a patriot, but he did more to destroy America in his 8-years in office as all other presidents combined.

Bernie Sanders claims to be a patriot but he wants to convert America to socialism.

Hillary Clinton claims to be a patriot and most of her policies were also destructive socialist programs.

The Democrats new darling, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is also a flaming socialist scoundrel who is hiding behind the flag and pseudo patriotism.


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