Schumer & Pelosi Demand Evisceration of ICE

One of the definitions of ‘evisceration’ means to deprive of vital or essential parts, in addition to removing the vital organs from a living organism.

Not only are Sen. Chuck Schumer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi refusing to fund President Trump’s border wall, but they are now demanding that US Immigration and Customs Enforcement be gutted (eviscerated) of much of it’s vital forces, mainly Border Patrol).

Their reason is simple – they want border law enforcement removed in for the allowance of tens of thousands of illegal aliens to invade OUR country.

Independent Sentinel – Dems Demand Drastic Limitations on ICE to Keep Borders Open – Open borders Democrats Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer have no interest in closing the borders and hope to increase protections for all illegals. They are planning draconian limitations on ICE which they will use as a bargaining chip to get an interim budget without a wall.

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Even Hector Montoya, one of the many career criminal illegals, is protected by Democrat open borders’ policies.

Hector Gustavo Montoya, a dangerous 51-year-old gang member, who has been deported “more than 10 times for immigration violations” was arrested again in Arizona. He is one of the many protected by sanctuary California and open borders Democrats.

A member of the murderous Los Angeles 18th Street gang, he was arrested by the U.S. Customs and Border Protection agency in Tucson on Tuesday as agents were patrolling the border near Nogales, according to a press release.

Democrats are again proving that they value illegal law-breaking aliens more than they value American citizens.

Every politician in America who votes for sanctuary status or opposes efforts to defend America and secure our border should be arrested and charged with high crimes.

In my book, what Democrats are doing amounts to treason against America and against the American people and it should be time for them to be hell accountable for their anti-American policies.



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