Scholars Unify Against SCOTUS Same-Sex Marriage Decision

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Over 60 scholars have now joined together in signing a document that says that the Supreme Court opinion on marriage that was issued on June 26 in a 5 – 4 opinion that has no constitutional authority whatsoever. It is a stunning document, but it is a re-issuing of very similar statements that Liberty Counsel and many, many other leaders have already signed onto, even before that opinion came out. That is part of our Marriage Pledge.

Mat Staver: Matt, what we have here are schools and professors of various rank and levels, that teach at Princeton, Oxford, Notre Dame, Boston, Boston College, Michigan State, Kansas State, Vanderbilt, Hillsdale, University of Toronto, University of Nebraska, and other places as well.

And they all state that the Supreme Court’s decision “has no more claim” to be the law of the land than “Dred Scott v. Sanford had when President Abraham Lincoln condemned that pro-slavery decision as an offense against the very Constitution that the Supreme Court justices responsible for that atrocious ruling purported to be upholding.”

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That’s part of the statement from this document of over 60 scholars.

Matt BarberYea…and the timing is great and wonderful that these 64 top legal scholars in the U.S. are coming out stating the obvious here. And when one branch of government unconstitutionally usurps authority and attempts to impose its will upon other branches of government and millions and millions of Americans, then it takes We the People to stand up and push back.

But all of this sounds vaguely familiar. I remember kind of one or two lone voices, you and myself and a few others, before this decision even came down saying that if they went this route this would be akin to Dred Scott, it would be illegitimate. And when you have these 64 scholars, not to mention four additional legal scholars — four Unite States Supreme Court justices, sitting Supreme Court Justices and the Chief Justice himself —  that’s essentially saying the same thing. That this has no grounding in the Constitution…

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