San Francisco Passes Controversial Socialist Proposition

A former acquaintance of mine, who grew up in San Francisco once told me that as San Francisco’s liberal and anti-American leaders go, so goes America eventually.

Consider the fact that the city was one of the first accept homosexuality, electing famed gay Harvey Milk to the city council.

San Francisco has a long history of producing liberal and socialist politicians both for local, state and federal offices, including Sen. Dianne Feinstein, Gov. Jerry Brown, Supreme Court Justice Stephen Breyer and Rep. Nancy Pelosi.

In the city’s latest act of anti-American socialism, the people passed Proposition C which taxes the bigger corporations to provide for the homeless.

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CNBC (Liberal) – The controversial San Francisco “homelessness tax” that divided the tech industry passed with nearly 60 percent affirmative votes, according to poll tallies Tuesday night.

Proposition C will increase gross receipts taxes for companies with more than $50 million in annual revenue by an average of 0.5 percent, generating up to $300 million a year to combat the city’s homelessness crisis through initiatives like new beds in shelters and increased mental health services.

Prop C had both vocal proponents and vehement detractors in the tech industry.

Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff strongly endorsed the measure as a moral responsibility of tech companies, many of which have received tax breaks to maintain offices downtown. Together, Benioff and Salesforce contributed more than $7 million to support the proposal, which could cost Salesforce up to $10 million in additional taxes a year…

Over 240 years ago, one of the wisest political figures in American history, Benjamin Franklin, warned us that just giving to the poor only helps to create more poor people.

He said the best way to help the poor is provide jobs and means of their becoming self-sufficient, but this is not the socialist way.

Socialism relies on making as many people poor and reliant on the government for all of their needs.

Truthfully, socialism creates slaves of the federal government, which is exactly what Democrats have been trying to do.

Just watch, now that this measure passed so overwhelmingly in San Francisco, Democrats at the state and federal levels will try to get a similar measure passed, thus further spreading their socialist agenda.



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