Salon: Guns and ‘Toxic Masculinity’ Made Elliot Rodger Kill

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Katie McDonough, feminist extraordinaire and assistant editor, has penned another anti-man screed headlined, “Elliot Rodger’s fatal menace: How toxic male entitlement devalues women’s and men’s lives.”

In her “progressive” polemic, McDonough shares why she believes UC Santa Barbara killer Elliot Rodger really committed his horrific crimes.

The true culprits are, of course, guns (mustn’t miss liberals’ favorite low-hanging fruit), as well as a “culture of misogyny and toxic masculinity” that has created a “system that denies [womens’] humanity.”

Asks McDonough:

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And what about guns? What of our cowardice — the cowardice of our elected officials — when it comes to regulating deadly weapons so that we stand a better chance of keeping them out of the hands of men like Elliot Rodger?

She goes on to suggest that America is infested with “dehumanizing” men just like Rodger:

The horror of Rodger’s alleged crimes is unique, but the distorted way he understood himself as a man and the violence with which he discussed women — the bleak and dehumanizing way he judged them — is not.

Just as we examine our culture of guns once again in the wake of yet another mass shooting, we must also examine our culture of misogyny and toxic masculinity, which devalues both women’s and men’s lives and worth, and inflicts real and daily harm.

Notably absent in McDonough’s line of, um, reasoning, would have to be America’s equally complicit “culture of knives” and “culture of mouth-frothing feminism” that surely must’ve led Rodger to stab to death his three male roommates.

But more than guns, says McDonough, America really needs to fear “toxic male entitlement.”

And this anger — this toxic male entitlement — isn’t contained to random comment boards or the YouTube videos of disturbed young men. It’s on full view elsewhere in our culture.

I can’t help but be reminded of all of the women who have been victimized by a culture and a system that denies their humanity.

So, in Ms. McDonough’s world – perhaps in the “progressive” world at large? – what really spurred Rodger to murder was “our culture’s profound disregard for the humanity of women and girls,” rather than Rodger’s own profound sociopathy, narcissism and twisted, evil worldview, typified by spiritual darkness and a hopeless rejection of Christ Jesus, the only hope that Rodger ever had or that McDonough or any of us ever have.

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