Salon Editor: ‘I’m having an abortion on Saturday at 10 a.m.’

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Assistant editor Jenny Kutner of wants everyone to know she is pregnant and is having an abortion. In her article, she details all her feelings and personal details about this decision she has made to have, or by now has already had, in her “choice” to abort her growing 5 week unborn baby.

She gives personal details in how her form of contraception did not work even though she took all the necessary precautions to not get pregnant. (Well, except abstinence but that wasn’t mentioned.) She knows she is making the right decision:

“But, by some strange fate or rearrangement of the universe, doing what I could wasn’t enough. So, of course I’ve decided to have an abortion — duh! What’s more, it’s okay that I’m having an abortion, since I made clear long ago that I don’t want to have children anytime soon. I’ve already tried to prevent that from happening, so an abortion is just one more step in that prevention process — one I’m more entitled to take because it’s a process I’ve already begun.”

Kutner is happy that she now lives in New York and not in her former state of Texas. She doesn’t have to subject herself to the probes that the Texas H.B. 2 and sonogram bill mandate. The bill that she fought against with all those in solidarity who proudly hailed, “We stand with Wendy.”  In fact, she’s relieved:

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“As I waited to speak with a counselor at a New York Planned Parenthood last weekend, I felt a wave of relief at the thought of being so far from home. Really, it was relief at the thought of being trusted to make my own decision, at being able to avoid having a probe shoved inside me in an effort to make me question, regret or alter that choice. There are no mandated ultrasounds in New York; no condescending scripts for the doctors to read; no increasing shortage of clinics because of legal entrapments that endanger women’s health. I thanked my lucky stars, for maybe the first time in my life, that I was not in Texas.”

According to Kutner, she is just one of many women who for perhaps different reasons is “entitled” to the “same access to a safe abortion…free of judgment—because this is not a question of who is better or worse. It’s a question of who should get to exercise their rights, and the answer is every single woman.”

She is, however, angry at those who would pass judgment on her decision.

“Despite all the support I’ve received, I have walked around furious for the past week at the thought of those anonymous people who would tell me I’m wrong not to stay pregnant. I’ve tried to analyze my rage in an effort to cope with it, and I’m sure it has something to do with my ardent conviction that women deserve the right to choose what happens to their bodies. Usually, my rage compels me toward something productive. But I don’t have time for that at the moment, because I’m having an abortion on Saturday at 10 a.m.”

And now all those “anonymous people” just bowed their heads in sadness and grief over another life murdered by the “choice” of abortion and a woman who fails to understand the precious gift of motherhood.

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Julie Klose
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