Russian Made Motor on Atlas 5 Rocket Carrying U.S. Satellites to Space

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By Nathan TaborBarbWire guest contributor

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse, has learned that  a Russian made rocket motor, known as the RD-180, is actually powering the first stage of the Atlas 5 rocket, which is used by the National Reconnaissance Office and the Department of Defense to support national defense missions and launch satellites into space.

The RD-180 main engine is designed and manufactured by the Russian company NPO Energomash. NPO Energomash is eighty-six percent owned by the Russian Government and maintains ties with the Russian Military.

Thus, while thug and ex-KGB agent Vladimir Putin has moved into Crimea and is threatening elsewhere, the incompetence in the United States Government has allowed for the purchase of a Russian made rocket motor to be used on one of its key national defense assets.  Once again, the US Government sends all the wrong signals to our friends and foes alike.

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The US Government should take immediate steps to limit our dependence on Russian suppliers by using existing US launch providers currently excluded from competing to support national security space launch missions. Further, conservatives in the US Congress should have the guts to launch an investigation into how this all came about. urges grassroots conservatives across America to contact their representatives now and urge immediate action and a stop to this foolishness.

Nathan Tabor (@NathanTabor) is a conservative businessman, Christian activist and founder of

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