Russia Suspected in Cyber Attack on Campaign of Pro-Sodomy Hillary Clinton

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The Russian government says it had zero involvement in the hacking of Democratic Party emails while U.S. officials say the hack originated in Russia.

If true, Russia would only be doing what the United States has been doing for years—interfering in the geopolitical rivals’ domestic politics in an attempt to destabilize and shape events.

President Vladimir Putin said in February he had seen specific intelligence suggesting Russia’s foreign enemies—code for Washington—were preparing to meddle in Russian parliamentary elections later this year.

And in 2011, Putin accused the U.S. State Department and Hillary Clinton, its then head, of stirring up street protests against his rule. Besides, while Clinton was leading her State Department in a homosexual crusade to impose homosexuality around the world, Putin was passing a law to ban homosexual propaganda to children and adolescents in Russia.

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There was (and there is still) a blatant pro-sodomy interference by socialists Obama and Clinton in the U.N. system and conservative nations in Africa that are dependent on U.S. aid.

“We need to head off any external attempts to interfere in the elections, in our domestic political life,” Putin, who is facing re-election in 2018, told officers from Russia’s FSB security service in February.

“You know that certain kinds of (political) technologies exist and have already been used in many countries.”

He was meaning Ukraine, Libya, Egypt and Syria, which Obama and Clinton irresponsibly destabilized. Based on this experience, Putin believes the United States is trying to foment the same kind of unrest to oust him.

His credo, set out when talking about Islamic State last year, is to strike first “if a fight is inevitable” and, as Russia has shown in its reaction to NATO’s aggressive build-up near its borders, to respond in kind.

Clearly the Russian government feels it should and can destabilize socialists Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama in much the same the United States and Europe have inserted themselves into Ukrainian, Libyan, Egyptian and Syrian politics and insert themselves into Russian politics.

For Russia, it is fair play. The United States and its NATO allies involved themselves in politics in Ukraine and other Russian neighbors and Russia feels they should also get involved.

Kremlin-backed media has tilted its coverage in favor of more conservative Trump over more socialist Clinton, and Putin has praised the Republican candidate as “very talented.” Why Russia would want to destabilize and expose a socialist, not a more conservative, candidate in the U.S. election is an issue neocons and like-minded activists opposed to Russia cannot decently explain. Whether they like or not, Russia is portraying Clinton and her socialist party as chaotic and threatening.

Navigating a grinding economic crisis of low oil prices caused by Saudi Arabia, a U.S. ally, to destabilize the Russian economy, and battling Obama’s and neocons’ interference in both Syria and Ukraine, Putin is under pressure.

He needs the West to lift the sanctions it imposed on Russia allegedly over its 2014 annexation of Crimea from Ukraine. The sanctions have cut off access to Western credit markets and technology imports. The Russian law banning homosexual propaganda to children and children seems to have been the real reason Obama has been using the massive power of the U.S. government to isolate and boycott Russia, according to Dr. Scott Lively, who said, “advancing the LGBT agenda is the primary reason that Barack Obama orchestrated the coup to start a civil war in Ukraine.”

In the article “Russia vs. the LGBT Globalists,” Lively said,

The Russian anti-propaganda law, passed June 11, 2013, was the first truly effective international counter-measure since the “gay” agenda went global around the turn of the millennium. Typically, the “gays” characterized the law as hateful and an incitement to violence, but in doing so they revealed that propagandizing children is part of their agenda, since the law simply classifies “propaganda of non-traditional sexual relationships” as material that cannot be distributed among minors and commands the government to protect children from it.

Just after the passage of this law Barack Obama did an about-face on the “reset” policy (in which Russia had been recognized as an equal partner in the world community) and instead began reviving cold-war rhetoric.

During the Sochi Olympics of February 2014, BO tried to steer Russia back into line through the usual media-driven pressure tactics (which don’t work on Russians who endured worse under the Soviets).

When that didn’t work BO started the civil war in Ukraine to force Russia into its current no-win scenario there. US diplomats were caught red-handed in the early stages of this regime change.

In the WND report “Obama’s final-year foreign-policy priority: ‘Gay’ rights,” Michael Brown, a national radio host, WND columnist and author of “Outlasting the Gay Revolution,” reacted with outrage to the Obama administration’s imperial LGBT agenda.

“America is now bullying other nations into accepting our version of morality,” Brown said. “This makes me ashamed to be an American. How dare we tell other countries how to define the family! How dare we put pressure on other countries to embrace gay activism in their children’s schools. How dare we threaten sovereign nations with serious consequences if they don’t embrace same-sex relationships and transgender activism.”

African nations, which have not the capabilities of Russia to withstand formidable pressures, are suffering the most.

Yet, sanctions by Obama and Europe are not the only attacks Russia is suffering.

Nikolai Patrushev, the head of Russia’s Security Council, said earlier this year there had been a spike in the number of foreign intelligence services making cyber attacks on Russian government bodies and critical infrastructure.

And Putin, speaking in February, complained about more than 24 million cyber attacks against Russia in the past year.

In Russia, Trump, who has spoken of his desire for better relations with Russia and praised Putin, is seen as far more likely to cut a sanctions deal with Russia, while Clinton is regarded as a hawkish neocon against Russia.

In contrast, neocons accuse that actually Clinton is an ally of Russia, because she allegedly facilitated big companies like Google to invest in Russia. For them, Google is suspicious because Google supports Clinton. But where does not Google invest? Google, Microsoft, Apple and many other big capitalist companies support Clinton and her abortion and sodomy agenda. What is the point? I have Google and Microsoft services and products. Is this enough evidence that I am connected to Clinton, abortion and sodomy? Sadly, there is a lack of reliable alternatives. There is a monopoly of anti-life and anti-family big companies.

Russians believe that with Clinton in the White House it would be absolutely impossible to get the sanctions lifted.

Trump has already raised neocons’ hackles by saying he would be willing to consider lifting sanctions.

With information from Reuters and Charisma.

Portuguese version of this article: Rússia é suspeita de ataques cibernéticos contra campanha da candidata pró-sodomia Hillary Clinton

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