Russia Accused of Violating Nuclear Missile Treaty & Blames US

On December 8, 1987, Russian General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev and US President Ronald Reagan met at the White House to sign the Intermediate-Range Nuclear Forces Treaty (INF Treaty).

The treaty called for the total elimination of short and intermediate range nuclear missiles with ranges from 310-620 miles and 620-3,420 miles, and their launchers, except those launched from ships.  

For 10 years, international teams regularly made inspections, but those inspections have since ended.

NATO recently reported that Russia was violating the INF Treaty.

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Russian President Vladimir Putin says that the United States is behind the allegations and accused the US of using the NATO report to withdraw from the INF Treaty.

Putin also  stated that if the US does withdraw from the INF Treaty that they will resume developing short and intermediate range nuclear missiles.

BBC News – Russia will build missiles if US leaves treaty, Putin warns – Russia will develop missiles banned under a Cold War agreement if the US exits the pact, President Vladimir Putin has warned.

His comments follow Nato’s accusation on Tuesday that Russia has already broken the Intermediate-range Nuclear Forces (INF) Treaty.

Signed in 1987 by the US and USSR, it banned both countries’ use of all short and medium-range missiles.

But Mr Putin says the accusation is a pretext for the US to leave the pact.

In televised comments, the Russian leader said many other countries had developed weapons banned under the INF treaty.

“Now it seems our American partners believe that the situation has changed so much that [they] must also have such a weapon,” he said…

Back in 1987, I disagreed with Reagan in the signing of the INF Treaty, while most people thought it was great.

The idea behind the INF Treaty was to eliminate the possibility of a nuclear war.

I’ve always believed that disarming is not the best defense to prevent war, rather the best defense is a strong offense.

The INF treaty removed part of America’s strong defense and then Obama’s further reduction of over half of America’s nuclear arsenal.

Now, reports state that Russia and China could both defeat the US in an international war, thanks in part to the INF Treaty and Obama.



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