Rush to Trump: Don’t Praise Hillary, Pillory Her!

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Why on earth is Donald Trump praising Hillary Clinton? ABC news is reporting that Donald Trump took to the morning shows praising Clinton’s performance.

“She got through it fine,” he said by phone this morning. “It was a very kind debate, very gentle. She came out the winner.”

Of course, only in the world of the looney leftwing can Trump’s words be characterized as “praise for Hillary” but then the drive-bys are desperate to coronate Ms. Clinton. Donald was simply contrasting Clinton’s performance to that of her opponents.

“She did what she had to do” Trump told Stephanopoulos. In fact, Trump said Sen. Bernie Sanders should have attacked Clinton much more and that their on-stage handshake was a mistake. “I think that he’s losing by quite a bit; he shouldn’t have done it.”

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However, Rush Limbaugh had stronger words for the GOP frontrunner, puzzled that Trump would even validate Hillary’s performance.

I mean, Hillary Clinton? For crying out loud, what are we…? This is a woman who has more baggage than a Kardashian on an extended European vacation. And to defeat her, you cannot give her a pass on anything. You have to go after everything she has done. And you cannot let her get away with evading everything like she did last night. You have to know her record cold, and you have to be relentless in attacking it.

His comments were expressed after Snerdley, the “Official Obama Criticizer” mentioned that ABC reported that Trump praised Hillary. Rush became surprised at the revelation, and agitated stating, “I give up” and then broke for a brief profit sharing moment.



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