Rule of Law Is Being Replaced by Radical Ideology

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The rule of law and the integrity of the judiciary is being replaced by radical ideology, using these institutions to promote their agenda. The most recent manifestations of this include the charges against Chief Justice Roy Moore in Alabama.

Mat Staver: You know historically we’ve seen these situations throughout history. We experienced it, for example, in the 1960’s, where people were aggrieved, wanting justice, could not get justice from the system, because the system itself became corrupt. Whether it was sheriffs who were part of the KKK, or judges who were part of the KKK, people who were aggrieved would complain to these people. They didn’t get justice. Why? Well, because they had been co-opted by evil.

What we’re seeing, I believe, in the situation with Chief Justice Roy Moore is the co-opting of an institution, an agency that is bent on removing anyone with which some of these members of the agency disagree. And thus the charges against the Chief Justice Roy Moore.

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Matt Barber: Yea, this not surprising. It’s really just representative of the age of lawlessness that we have entered here. And I think President Obama and Eric Holder, his so-called Justice Department, are a great example of this…

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