Rosenstein & McCabe Targeted by Trump for Illegal &Treasonous Plot Against Him

This past week, revelations were made of an alleged plot within the Department of Justice and FBI to try an oust Donald Trump from the White House.

At the heart of that plot, which many define as treason, were Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe.

Yesterday, President Trump singled out Rosenstein and McCabe, accusing them of illegally plotting an act of treason.

The question many are asking is whether or not newly confirmed Attorney General Matthew Whitaker will take the appropriate legal action against the two.

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Fox News – Trump accuses Rosenstein, McCabe of pursuing ‘illegal and treasonous’ plot against presidency – President Trump on Monday accused Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein and former FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe of pursuing an “illegal and treasonous” plot against him, after McCabe detailed private DOJ discussions about secretly recording and potentially ousting the president.

The alleged discussions have been a subject of fierce debate – and conflicting accounts – for months. But McCabe revived the issue during promotional interviews for his forthcoming book, telling CBS News’ “60 Minutes” that Rosenstein was “absolutely serious” when he suggested recording Trump in the tumultuous days following James Comey’s firing as FBI director.

Trump seethed on Twitter over the comments, calling McCabe a liar before lashing out at top DOJ and FBI officials, including ousted Attorney General Jeff Sessions, for what he described as a “deranged” plan…

Don’t forget that it was Rosenstein who appointed former FBI Director and Obama loyalist Robert Mueller to head the special counsel investigation of Russian election interference and any collusion with Russia on the part of Trump or his campaign.

And for how long did Rosenstein and others try to convince us that the Mueller investigation was not targeting Trump when all along, that was the main focus of those responsible for the investigation.

This entire mess could have been avoided had Trump appointed an Attorney General other than Jeff Sessions at the beginning.



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