Ronald Reagan: A Christian Example against Communism

Jesus said: “But I say to you, love your enemies, bless those who curse you, do good to those who hate you.” (Matthew 5:44a NKJV)

U.S. President Ronald Reagan proclaimed 1983 the Year of the Bible. But the Bible had not only a theoretical presence in his life and presidency.

He fought abortion, one of the main spiritual and moral scourges in American society.

And he fought communism — without feeding hatred in himself and his enemies. In the fiery battles with the Soviet Union, which spread war, hatred and terror around the world, Reagan wanted to sit and talk at table with those dictators.

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A fiery anticommunist activist would never want to talk with red leaders. He would repay hatred with hatred, as Hitler did. But Reagan really sat with them. In fact, he took Mikhail Gorbachev, the Soviet leader, to his ranch, to feel his family life and his warm reception.

Reagan worked to quench the Soviet hatred with Christian conservative consideration.

Margaret Thatcher said, “Reagan won the Cold War without firing a shot.” His shot was his ranch!

Reagan was firm and strong against Soviet communists and their actions. But he was always open to talk, even in his non-political space: his ranch.

Wow! Usually, people take to their ranch only their friends.

Reagan took Gorbachev to his ranch because he wanted to cultivate friendship, not hatred. The Soviet Union knew how to cultivate hatred. Reagan knew how to cultivate friendship.

Very different from the administration of Barack Hussein Obama, a name inspired in a religious ideology of hatred. Obama, as a Marxist, has done no effort to sit with the Russian President Vladimir Putin, to talk to him and have him as a friend in his ranch. His administration has cultivated hatred in a time when Russia is not the Soviet Union.

If Reagan had been in the White House in the last eight years, I am sure that Putin would already have enjoyed his ranch several times by now. If it was “easy” for Reagan to talk to Soviet leaders, it would have been easier with Putin.

The conservative movement needs more Reagans, men strong and resolute against the Marxist ideology, but always willing to cultivate friendship, not hatred.

Without the Bible, it is impossible to do it. Reagan did it because the Bible was important for him.

Portuguese version of this article: Ronald Reagan: um exemplo cristão contra o comunismo

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