RINOs Planning to Sacrifice Trump & Give Democrats the White House in 2020

Just a reminder, RINO stand for Republican In Name Only.

Two of the most influential RINOs in the Senate are Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) and Sen. Mitt Romney (R-UT).

There are more RINOs in Congress and in other sectors of the federal government.

Many RINO’s hate Trump because he was not a career politician and did not play by their rules and they cannot control him.

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It seems now that Washington’s RINOs are planning to hurt President Trump enough to allow Democrats to gain control of the White House just to prevent Trump from being re-elected.

Washington Examiner – Plan B for rebel Republicans: Wound Trump so he’ll lose to a Democrat in general election – President Trump’s antagonists inside the Republican Party now have a fallback plan to scuttle his re-election: using the 2020 primary fight as a bludgeon to inflict irreparable political damage on him in the November general election.

The “Never Trump” movement’s preferred strategy is to recruit a formidable Republican who might block the president’s renomination, or at least mount an aggressive challenge that presses him all the way to the convention in Charlotte set for late summer next year. Efforts are underway to woo Gov. Larry Hogan of Maryland and other top Republicans uneasy with Trump.

Short of that, key renegade Republicans are preparing to settle for Plan B: mortally wound him.

“The example of Pat Buchanan is certainly in the minds of many of us of a certain age; impossible to win, eminently possible to wound,” Rick Wilson, a Republican consultant and leading Trump foe, told the Washington Examiner…

It’s a really sad state of affairs when one’s own political party hates Trump so much that they are willing to sacrifice the future of America and the American people.

In 1982, Pat Buchanan, who was a political long shot mounted a challenge to George HW Bush.

Even though Buchanan didn’t win, his campaign was enough to damage Bush and cost him the election – Bill Clinton won.

RINOs are already searching for the best Never Trump Republican to run against him in 2020 and cause3 enough damage to give a Democrat the election.

In my mind, these RINOs are traitors to the Republican Party, to America and the American People.



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