RINO Flake Holds America Hostage

A friend of mine from Arizona recently told me that he and many others he knew, considered out-going Sen. Jeff Flake to be a traitor to the Republican Party, voters of Arizona, the state of Arizona and the United States.

He has opposed building a border wall and securing the border leaving thousands of Arizona citizens of violent illegal aliens.

Flake has repeatedly opposed President Trump in many of his agenda items that are intended to restore America to the greatness it was had.

In his latest act of treachery, Flake has announced that he will work to block the confirmation of every judicial nominee of President Trump, until Congress passes a law to protect Special Counsel Robert Mueller from being fired or hindered by Trump or Acting Attorney General Matthew Whitaker.

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The Washington Times – Flake to halt judicial nominees until Mueller protection bill passedSen. Jeff Flake announced Wednesday that he will not vote to advance any new judicial nominees through the Judiciary Committee, nor will he vote to confirm picks on the Senate floor, until he gets his way on unrelated legislation to prevent the firing of special counsel Robert Mueller.

Mr. Flake made the announcement on the Senate floor minutes after his bid to pass the bill failed.

His threat could block the committee from approving any more judges this year, since the GOP only holds a one-seat majority on the panel.

It’s less catastrophic to approving judges on the Senate floor, where the GOP holds 51 seats. Even losing Mr. Flake, Republicans could still approve judges on a 50-50 vote with Vice President Mike Pence breaking the tie…

Passing a bill to protect Mueller would most likely be illegal and unconstitutional.

If the Justice Department appointed Mueller to be Special Counsel, then the Justice Department as every legal right remove Mueller if they so desire.

Consequently, what Flake is calling for is not only illegal and unconstitutional, but hold America and judicial department hostage to force the illegal action should be a criminal offence of extortion or blackmail or something similar and should be enough to get Flake arrested and jailed.



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