Right Wing Watch, of the Far-Left-Wing People for the American Way, Worried that I Am Not Supporting Trump’s Decision Nominating a Gay Judge

Right Wing Watch, a far-left-wing group, said on October 18, 2018:

Julio Severo is not happy that Trump has nominated a gay judge to the Ninth Circuit: “Support of sodomy is something very serious. It destroyed a whole society, Sodom. In fact, sodomy has already undermined the institution of marriage in the United States, and its current president is willing to do nothing to reverse the gay subversion of marriage.”

Right Wing Watch meant my article “Trump and His Judges, One for Conservatives and One for Gay Activists,” published on BarbWire.

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Of course, I am not happy that Trump has nominated a judge known for his militancy in a homosexual group. I expected such bad choices from Obama, who treated homosexual activists as if they were over 50% of the U.S. population.

Homosexuals are just about 2 or 3% of the U.S. population. So the excessive focus of Trump and left-wingers on them as if they were a gigantic population in the U.S. is irrational and detrimental to the safety of children and the survival of the civilization.

Besides, when Trump nominates a homosexual activist he does exactly what Obama did: He gives power to a very destructive ideology from a very noisy minority.

What is the message when a U.S. far-left-wing group is worried that I am not supporting Trump’s nomination of a gay activist? They are not worried at all about Trump’s bad decision. They are only worried about my Christian stance.

Right Wing Watch is a project of the far-left-wing People for the American Way and it has, according to its website, a special mission to attack conservatives opposed to the gay agenda, abortion and Muslim ideology.

According to WND, People for the American Way (PFAW) is “an atheist socialist organization which, through publications like its ‘Right Wing Watch,’ dedicates itself to the destruction of conservatives in general.”

Many prominent U.S. conservative names are in Right Wing Watch’s blacklist. My place in their blacklist is here.

What do U.S. conservatives say about Right Wing Watch?

Pat Robertson, of 700 Club, said, “A nasty group.”

Peter LaBarbera, of Americans for Truth of Homosexuality, said, “They should call it People for the Homosexual Way.”

Matt Barber, the founder of BarbWire, said, “A radical secularist agenda… a socialist agenda… pushing the culture of death.”

Portuguese version of this article: Observatório da Direita, da entidade de extrema esquerda People for the American Way, preocupado por eu não apoiar decisão de Trump nomeando juiz gay

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