Ribbon-Cutting Held for Life-Sized Noah’s Ark Replica in Kentucky

A life-sized replica of Noah’s Ark is one step closer to opening to the public.

Although the exhibit won’t open until July 7, officials with the attraction, along with state and local leaders, held a ribbon-cutting ceremony Tuesday.

Seven thousand people from around the country attended the private ceremony in Williamstown, Kentucky, south of Cincinnati and right off I-75.

The replica is the closest in size to the legendary ship built before the flood as chronicled in the book of Genesis.

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The 510-foot long, 85-foot wide and 51-foot high vessel is part of a new $100 million theme park called Ark Encounter.

Ken Ham, founder of the Creation Museum, had the massive ship built according to the dimensions recorded in the Bible.

Construction workers had to rely on the ancient measurement known as an Egyptian cubit to get the dimensions exactly right, reports the Cincinnati Enquirer.

Ham quoted Psalm 106:1 during his remarks at the ribbon-cutting: “Oh, give thanks to the Lord, for He is good!”

“I do give thanks to the Lord,” Ham said. “We give all glory and honor to the God who created all things.”

Lt. Gov. Jenean Hampton, R-Ky., attended the ceremony.

“We are so blessed that this great, great attraction was built here in Kentucky,” Hampton told the crowd. “It’s just an honor to have this here, so thank you for doing that. We hope to see millions visit Kentucky to visit Ark Encounter over the next few years.”

“I truly am blessed. I just feel so blessed to just be a part of this,” she continued. “I think God is here today, and even if it rains, that is okay.”

Ham told ABC News, “The message that we have – it’s making the Bible come alive, really. By building Noah’s Ark, we’re saying, ‘This really happened. This is plausible.'”

CBN News went behind the scenes at the Ark Encounter for a sneak peek of the giant ship in April.

At the ribbon-cutting ceremony, leaders with Answers in Genesis and Ark Encounter also laid 12 stones, following the example of Joshua in the Bible.

“He (Joshua) led the people of Israel across the Jordan River, a normally fast-flowing river — it was a miracle of God,” Ham explained. “Then God told him to take 12 stones and to build a memorial as a reminder so that the coming generations would not forget who God is and to also be a reminder to the world.”

“The Ark is to be a reminder; we built it as a reminder,” he continued. “It’s our 12 stones to remind the coming generations of the truth of God’s Word.”

“It’s our way of presenting the truth of God’s Word and the Gospel to the world,” he said.
Watch CBN News Reporter Paul Strand’s first look at the Ark Encounter here:

Click play to take a look at the life-size ark.

Report via CBN News

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