Rev. Franklin Graham Pens Open Letter to All LGBT

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Reverend Franklin Graham recently penned an open letter, if you will, to all, what he called “lesbians, gays, bisexuals, and transgenders” and he posted it on his Facebook. And he’s certainly not mincing words on regards to, on the one hand the grace of Jesus Christ, and on the other hand the truth and the reality of God’s created order of human sexuality and the proper role for it. He doesn’t mince words with regards to right and wrong, good and evil.

Mat Staver: Matt, Franklin Graham has been very outspoken. It is really refreshing to see someone of his character and caliber and world recognition to be as outspoken. And he has never compromised on the scriptures. And this most recent letter that he posted on his Facebook page is an example of his commitment to biblical truth.

Matt Barber: Well, you’ll recall, Mat, Franklin Graham was one of the headliners at the Awakening Conference in Orlando this year. He got up there and mentioned, he said people always say “Hey Franklin, how come you can’t be more like your dad, Billy. He never talked that much about abortion and about same-sex marriage, and about same-sex behavior and so forth?” And he said “My dad would have been saying exactly the same things as I’m saying right now if our culture had been in the same situation.”

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