Responding to Gillette’s Insult to Male Masculinity

Gillette has released a new commercial that attacks every aspect of male masculinity.

They refer to it as ‘toxic masculinity’ and give the impression that for any male to be masculine is wrong and dangerous.

They have no problem with women being feminine, just men being masculine.

They claim it is to bring light to things like #MeToo movement and other attacks on men, justified or not.

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So how do we respond to such an overt attack on the majority of men in the United States?

Are we to just ignore it and do nothing or should everyone take some kind of action and let Gillette know how we feel?

DC Dirty Laundry – Now That They Have Deeply Insulted All Men With Their “Toxic Masculinity” Ad, Let’s Respond By Boycotting Gillette – Does Gillette really think that they are going to sell more razors to men after millions of men watch their horrific new ad that is essentially an all-out assault on masculinity?  The new ad is entitled “We Believe: The Best Men Can Be”, and within the first few seconds the term “toxic masculinity” is used.  This is a deeply, deeply offensive term, and it has no place in our society.  After all, could you imagine the uproar that would ensue if a large corporation dared to use the term “toxic femininity” in an advertisement?  Women would be freaking out from coast to coast, and for good reason.  There would simply be no excuse for using the term “toxic femininity”, and there is simply no excuse for using the term “toxic masculinity”.  Gillette owes every man in America an apology, and they better make it a good one.

Just yesterday I wrote an article about the American Psychological Association’s new guidelines for men which say that “traditional masculinity” is “harmful”, and so when I heard that Gillette had put out this new ad it got my attention right away.  Over on YouTube, this ad has already been watched more than 1.4 million times.  It has 16,000 likes and more than 159,000 dislikes.  That is almost a ten to one margin, and it is clear that this ad is backfiring spectacularly.  Here is how Breitbart described this deeply offensive ad

Personally, I still used a couple of Gillette products, one for trimming my beard, but they are in the trash now.

Before you read this, I will have written to Gillette to inform them that I threw away their products and vow to never buy anything Gillette brand again.

I will also be informing them that I intend to tell all my friends to boycott Gillette and urge them to contact Gillette, letting them know they are joining the growing boycott.

It seems that the only way to get the attention of companies like Gillette is to hurt them where it counts the most – their sales.



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