Resistance to Liberalism on the Increase

Democrats hate President Donald Trump and most of what he stands for.

They hate anything and everything that has the slightest hint of conservatism.

Most of the mainstream media also hate Trump and conservatives.

They all seemed determined to destroy everything decent about America and turn it into an ugly socialist nation.

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If you listen to and believe these Democrats and the mainstream media, you would think that all is lost and the future of America as a free nation is short-lived.

Small as it may seem, the number of Americans turning away from this destructive liberals is increasing.

New American – The Rising Tide Against Liberalism – If you sometimes wake up feeling as if you’re playing the part of a member of the unwashed masses in a dystopian novel about America and the world at large, you’re not alone. Check headlines on any given day and you are bombarded with doom on many fronts. Our president is a liar, the headlines say; our legislature does nothing except obstruct or pass bad laws; our country is a racist, misogynistic place where people of color and women cannot get fair treatment. Rampant corruption is all around us — this, at least, is true.

Oh and, by the way, our planet is warming at an alarming rate, sea levels are rising, and extreme weather events are increasing. And it’s all our fault because of our gluttony for fossil fuels.

Since scary topics usually bring top ratings to media — as well as cause Americans to vote for big government-lauding global socialists who promise to fix the problems, hence bringing about global governance — the major networks sell negativity. Instead of informing, they editorialize. Instead of teaching, they propagandize. Instead of presenting all sides in a reasoned way, they seek to foment anger. Instead of seeking truth, they seek ratings.

But while it’s true that mainstream media are blatantly dishonest and are, in fact, trying to get Americans to accept globalist laws and regulations — though doing so would mean giving up many of the freedoms and opportunities we have enjoyed for centuries — all is not bad. There is much evidence that Americans increasingly don’t accept media globalist pronouncements at face value…

The resistance to liberalism may be on the rise, but will it be enough to prevent liberalism from totally engulfing our nation in the 2020 elections?

Liberals won control of the House, but they lost a couple of seats in the Senate, indicating that liberalism has not won the country yet.

However, it seems that many so-called conservatives are becoming more liberal in many of their views.

Personally, I believe that the America we knew and loved is gone forever.



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