Republicans, Race, and the War on Women

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In separate articles this week commentators Erick Erickson and David Harsanyi address two of the tried and true strategies of Democrats in their never-ending effort to paint Republicans as racists and misogynists. It’s tiresome, actually, but since the efforts, fueled by a dishonest press, still work and can make the difference in elections, they have to be addressed. Since we know the Democrats will continue to try whatever they can to avoid electoral disaster, the question becomes will Republicans figure out how to get the truth out? Here are excerpts from the two articles.

Race War to Victory

By Erick Erickson

The Democrats do not have an agenda to run on in 2014. And contrary to the prognostications of the left, no doubt consoling themselves, Obamacare is not going to sink the GOP. In fact, the Republican Party, like the Democrats in 2006 and the GOP in 2010, can run as the party of “NO”. Most Americans are tired of Barack Obama, they are tired of the Democrats’ controlling the levers of government, and they are ready for a change.

The only card the Democrats have left to play is race. Mind you, this is not a card they will play to victory. But it is a card they will play to mitigate damage. We are already seeing it and it will be combined with the “War on Women.”

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The Democrats need to turn out single women and black voters to hold on to the Senate in close races. But single white women are signaling they are tired of the Democrats. Likewise, Hispanic voters are surprisingly amenable to not sticking with their coalition. They may not vote Republican, but they might just stay home.

That leaves the only reliable portion of the Democrats’ voting coalition — black voters. But black voters historically do not vote in off year elections as much as in Presidential elections. Additionally, in 2010, Barack Obama could not turn them out despite his best efforts.

The Democrats will take a calculated risk of inflaming racial tensions in the country in order to get black voters to the polls.

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The War On Women Is Now

Republicans may not be interested in this war, but this war is definitely interested in them

By David Harsanyi

Cory Gardner may be the most impressive candidate the Colorado GOP has come up with in at least a decade. Which, to be fair, is a lot less impressive than it sounds. A rancorous split between the conservative and moderate wings of the GOP over the state’s Taxpayer Bill of Rights (one America’s finest state-level legislative successes) has resulted in a decade-long string of incompetent, outmatched or laughable nominees.

Gardner is not one of them. As of now, a new Quinnipiac University poll finds the U.S. Senate race between Gardner and Democrat Mark Udall in a virtually tie (as does a new PPP poll), with the latter leading 45 percent to 44 percent.

And this, to be fair, is more impressive than it sounds.  The national media continues to treat Colorado as a bellwether state, a purple harbinger of national sentiment — it isn’t. Colorado is by nearly all quantifiable measures a reliably blue state: Barack Obama won Colorado twice, easily. Two unexceptional Democrat candidates won Senate seats with little trouble (one of them during the Republican tsunami year). The state house and senate have basically been in Democrats’ hands for years. Democrats have held the governorship since 2007. And large numbers of liberals have been streaming into the state to enjoy the fruits of fiscal conservative policies for more than a decade.

A win in Colorado for the GOP is an upset. And if Gardner pulls it off, it’ll have a lot to do with Obamacare. As the Quinnipiac poll tells us, ACA is underwater by a 59-37 percent margin in Colorado. And for those voters most concerned about healthcare, Udall is behind significantly (57-36). Though, Udall has plenty of other problems to contend with.

What to do?

Well, Gardner isn’t Todd Akin — or anything close to it, for that matter. And yet, if the Democrats and compliant media in Denver have its way, the dynamics of the race could play out as if he were. As soon as Gardner cleared the GOP field, Udall ran an indictment against the Republican for imaginary crimes against women. The wonky Gardner, claimed Udall, has “championed a crusade” – a crusade – to “outlaw” birth control.

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