Republican DeSantis Wins Governor Race in Florida as Dem Concedes

The most hotly contested governor’s race in this year’s midterm election was that between Democrat Tallahassee Mayor Andrew Gillum and former GOP Rep. Ron DeSantis.

Gillum turned the election into an issue race even when there wasn’t any issue of race.

Because DeSantis is white and Gillum is black, almost everything DeSantis said during his campaign was twisted and misrepresented into something racial by Gillum.

When votes were first counted, DeSantis had a very narrow lead, narrow enough to require a recount.

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After the recount, DeSantis still led Gillum by around 30,000 votes, prompting Gillum to finally concede the governor’s race to DeSantis.

Fox News – Democrat Andrew Gillum concedes in Florida governor’s race to Republican Ron DeSantis – Democrat Andrew Gillum conceded Saturday to GOP challenger Ron DeSantis in their contentious race for the Florida governor’s mansion.

The announcement from Gillum, the mayor of Tallahassee, came via a Facebook Live postmade alongside his wife.

Gillum said he wanted “to congratulate Mr. DeSantis on becoming the next governor of the great state of Florida.”

Gillum also tweeted about his concession.

“I want to congratulate @RonDeSantisFL on becoming the next Governor of the great state of Florida. My wife R. Jai and I could not be prouder of the way we ran this race,” Gillum tweeted

It’s no surprise that Gillum would be proud of the race he run, since he based in largely on his racist attacks of DeSantis.

What’s sad is that the only true racist in the election was Gillum himself, but his racial hatred for white people has blinded him to the truth of his own words and actions.

Unbelievably, Gillum stated that no one wanted to be governor more than he did, but how does he know the heart of DeSantis or anyone else.

This is typical of someone like Gillum who looks in a mirror and seen something other than reality staring back at him.



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