Repair Border Roads for Immigrants Instead of Building Wall, Declares Pelosi

In a news post that posted fifteen minutes ago, I mentioned that some Democrats are saying that America cannot afford to build a border wall.

Among those is House Speaker Nancy Pelosi.

In her warped sense of UN-REALITY, Pelosi says the border wall is an unaffordable luxury.

She would rather spend the money repairing roads along and near the border that would make it easier for immigrants (illegal aliens) to travel on.

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To put it bluntly, Pelosi thinks it would be better to make roads better for tens of thousands of illegal aliens to travel on than it would be to protect America and the American people.

I Love My Freedom – Pelosi Claims U.S. ‘Can’t Afford’ A Wall, Suggests Repairing Roads For Illegals To Enter Country – House Speaker Nancy Pelosi claimed on Thursday that a wall along the southern border is not a “luxury” that the U.S. can afford.

While speaking to the media, Pelosi also argued in favor of repairing border roads so that it would be easier for immigrants to enter the U.S.

“It’s unfortunate because there’s an opportunity cost here of this money— he keeps increasing the amount of money, the amount of beds, increasing the obstacles to finding a solution. Because I don’t think he really wants a solution,” Pelosi claimed.

A flustered and visibly angered looking Pelosi then claimed that the wall would be too expensive…

Then Pelosi said something even more unbelievable.

Referring to President Trump’s insistence on building a border wall, Pelosi had the gall to say that his actions are not those of a responsible president.

That really comes as no surprise as Pelosi fully supported Obama’s push to destroy America.

In her eyes, that’s a responsible president, rather than one who actually wants to protect America and make it a safer place to live.

This is why I believe she has senile political dementia.



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