Rep. Mad Max Waters Duped By Own Ignorance

In the days since Donald Trump became President of the United States, Rep. Maxine Waters has frequently described herself as an angry black woman, which is why I refer to her as Mad Max Waters.

Waters has a habit of late of opening her mouth and spewing out venomous hatred for President and other Republicans.

She also opens her mouth and inserts her feet, heels and all, as was the case this week.

Sadly, Waters chairs the House Financial Services Committee.

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This week, she brought in representatives from 5 of nation’s largest banks and then began to berate them for causing the huge student debt (over $1 trillion).

That’s when one of the bankers informed her that it was OBAMA who created the massive student loan debt, not them and not Trump.

The National Sentinel – Epic ignorance: Bankers had to remind Maxine Waters her hero OBAMA is responsible for massive student loan debt (Video) – For most Democrats, serving in Congress isn’t about leadership or solving the nation’s problems, it has become nothing more than a quest to ‘get’ political opponents — the president of the United States, all Republicans, or, in the case of “Crazy” Maxine Waters on Wednesday, “mega-bankers.”

Waters hauled representatives from five of the country’s biggest banks before her House Financial Services Committee, which she chairs, to berate them over something that neither they nor the Trump administration had anything to do with: Building the country’s massive, $1 trillion-plus student loan debt.

It quickly became apparent that Waters had no clue what she was talking about — and no idea that Obama ordered the federal government to nationalize student loans in 2010, nearly a decade ago.

After she blamed the “megabanks” for the current student loan crisis, Waters then demanded the attendant bank heads explain just what the heck they are doing to help out poor, beleaguered student loan borrowers (none of whom took out school loans with a gun held to their heads, by the way)…

This is not the first time that Waters has been so wrong on the facts, but that has never stopped her from her wild rampages.

What’s really scary about this is that she chairs such an important House committee and yet apparently she is clueless about the financial world.

It makes as much sense as assigning a Jew-hating Muslim on the House Foreign Affairs Committee.

House Squeaker Nancy Pelosi makes those appointments, which by their nature either how senile Pelosi is getting or how much she hates America – perhaps both.



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