The Religion of Progress: How Obama Gets to Heaven

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Each religion rests on a foundational truth which cannot be proved conclusively, but must be accepted as the most basic expression of reality. From this basic truth is erected all the other edifices of its belief system—its moral strictures, its view of the nature of man, its perceived path to salvation. Each society’s laws flow from its religion, and its culture is merely its religion externalized. All civilizations are based on religion, then; all governments are theocracies.

This is why America is divided. Our society is polarized because we are two peoples, two religions, each struggling to assert its god’s sovereignty. On the one side, we have the Christian religion, on the other the Religion of Progress. Only one may prevail. The Progressive who clamors for ‘separation of church and state’ is not advocating for nonreligious government, but rather for his own religion to replace Christianity as society’s religion.

For the Christian, the fundamental reality is God. But for the Progressive, the underlying ground of being, the most basic of facts, is not God, but Evolution. For him, history is not the story of God’s interaction with His creation—the unfolding of His plan—but rather the story of Evolution, of its travails to raise creation up to perfection—of progress.

By Evolution, I don’t mean Darwin’s scientific theory strictly delineated; it is much more encompassing than that. I mean Evolution with a capital ‘E’.

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Take President Obama’s sudden support for same-sex marriage. He gives no rational justification for his change of heart, instead he merely states that, “My thinking has evolved”. But what does he mean by this, exactly? Surely he does not mean that his brain has accumulated the necessary mutations to trigger a pro-same-sex marriage reflex?

Jesus said “I am”, Obama says “I am the Change.” Both are messianic proclamations. Obama is Evolution made immanent—he who would reconcile the people with the fundamental force of the universe, the promised shepherd of those who long for the Kingdom of Man and follow the path of Progress as it transforms them and their world, with ever increasing glory, into the promised future of mankind—the world of justice and equality—happiness without end.

So he is saying that his thinking on same-sex marriage has been brought in line with the great living force of creation: Evolution has sent a new revelation concerning marriage, and he, as one baptised with the Spirit of Progress, and so a proper vessel to receive the communication, has conveyed the good news to those waiting expectedly. These good people—the Progressives, the apple of Evolution’s eye—receive his pronouncement in faith, and this faith is credited to them as righteousness—they are on the right side of History.

It is through the agency of savants such as he—fireworkers one of his worshippers described them—that the world will be edged towards the equal society and rest in the peace of the Progressive god State.

Yes, in Christian society the individual goes to heaven, but in the Progressive the society does. This has serious repercussions for unbelievers.

Christian society can tolerate the presence of Progressives since the Progressive’s disbelief does not impair anyone else’s ability to get to heaven. Indeed, in the pecking order of things, the Progressive is just one more sinner, as is the Christian.

But Progressive society cannot abide the presence of Christians because their mere existence means heaven has not been attained: heavenly society has not arrived if ‘homophobia’ (‘heterosexism’), ‘marriage’ (‘the patriarchy’), ‘binary genderism’, ‘human exceptionalism’ (‘speciesism’) and all the other political incorrectitudes underwritten by Christianity are present. That is why Progressives are driven to expunge all expressions of Christianity. The Progressive gay couple could easily go next door for their cake and leave the Christian baker to his religion, but that would leave a pocket of non-conformity intact, a stain on the pristine society that is the Progressive’s hope. No, the sin must be purged, the Christian baker extirpated. In the same way, Christian adoption services, Christian fast food franchises, Christian public figures, Christian schools, Christian churches—all politically incorrect, that is to say, sinful, entities—must be crushed so that heaven may emerge.

This is how Obama gets to heaven. His New Jerusalem doesn’t descend from on high, rather it emerges steadily from the irresistible will of Evolution, a will revealed in its time to prophets of Progress like himself, proclaimers of the Living Gospel of Evolution.

In truth, although his faith is expounded with a new nomenclature, Obama’s religion is an ancient one. We first hear of it in Genesis 11: “Come let us build ourselves a city, and a tower whose top is in the heavens…”

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James Tennant is a committed urbanite living in the Great White North, computer technologist, writer, artist, culture warrior, author of two books, 225 and Necropolis.

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