Regime Change is Coming

Jesus looks down upon you
With fire in His eyes
The blood of the sacrificed Are on your hands
Security breached Navy Seals die
The Future is sold Your vision is bold
So the People are told
Courts and Congress stand idly by
Those who tell truth Have nothing to hide
Fundamental transformation Almost complete
You plot, you position, you sow, you reap
Children and wife are by your side ?
But will you sleep tonight
A change of course A guilty plea
It’s not too late to make amends…  

          © A.J. Castellitto

The battle is on. The fire is raging. We are on a collision course and the war is spiritual!

We are not our own. We may believe that we merely act on our own behalf, but we are all representatives to a greater cause and ultimately recipients of divine justice. We are either servants of God or slaves to sin. We are either led by God or Satan. There is no third option. We can make excuses but they will not alter our eternal fate.

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We all have a duty and a special obligation to search the scriptures and confirm that these things are so. We may not merely right off these existential truths as mere fairy tales. We may want to believe that Jesus is merely a myth but we cannot will it to be so.

Sin is very serious! A pierced, rejected, disgraced, humiliated, crushed Son of Man is all the evidence we need. Wherever we’ve been and whatever we are going through, we are without excuse for Jesus suffered, died, and paid it all. Jesus is ready and willing to wash our sins away. He can makes us clean!

If we are wrestling with a desire that goes against God’s command and His natural order, we must seek the strength and power of the Lord and by faith overcome. Our fallen condition must give way to the final solution. That solution is offered freely unto mankind via the wisdom and mercy of a just and loving God. We must lay our burdens down and submit to His sovereign will.

We are all part of His creation but He is under no obligation to uphold and sustain us. The fact that He does so… this is Grace!

Some may argue His ways; I prefer to call upon Him and be shown the way. May we long for that final day!

We consumed heaven’s Son

I drew first blood
My hate was undone
I drew first blood

That’s when the irony hit me
This was revenge
That love had descended
And stolen our pain away




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AJ Castellitto
A.J. Castellitto is a freelance writer. His writings have been published by Western Journalism, Reformed Perspective and RenewAmerica. He is author of the book America Lost. Tweets @AmericaLost2014

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