Refugee Status Should be Reserved for Christians Fleeing Muslim Persecution

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There are hundreds, even thousands, of Syrian Muslim “refugees” who are now in New Jersey, none of whom have been vetted for possible jihadists sympathies. They have no intention of assimilating to American life and culture but rather have sought out existing Muslim neighborhoods in which to live.

It is my position that the only Syrian refugees we should allow to come to our shores are Christians who are fleeing Muslim persecution in their native land. There are plenty of those, as Muslims have destroyed homes, churches and entire villages just because they belong to followers of Christ. But President Obama’s administration routinely denies refuge to the victims of Islam.

There are 56 other Muslim nations in the world. If Islam is a “religion of peace,” as we are constantly told, that means there are 56 other havens of peace, tranquility and security around the world to which these Muslim Syrian refugees can go.

As a Christian nation, we should reserve refugee status for fellow Christians, who are looking, as our forefathers were, for a place where they can freely exercise their Christian faith.

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Out of compassion, we certainly can offer our services as a Christian nation to help these Muslim refugees relocate to the Muslim nation of their choice, where they can live in a nation run by the Islamic principles they cherish rather than the Christian ones their religion teaches them to despise.

No one has a constitutional right to immigrate to the United States. Congress has the constitutional authority to establish the rules of immigration and should use it to ensure that newcomers to our shores strengthen the fabric of our Judeo-Christian culture rather than weaken it.

Big Gay wants to eliminate us, make our lives “a living hell”

Big Gay strikes again. Here is a tolerant homofascist who calls for the elimination, the extermination, of everyone who supports natural marriage. That’s you and me, folks. Don’t let yourselves be fooled: these people are dangerous, and would not allow us to live if they had the power. In the meantime, until they get Hitleresque power to carry out their holocaust, they will settle for making our lives “a living hell.”

Winnable war: homosexuality once again contrary to public policy in India

We are indeed fighting a winnable war: homosexuality is once again contrary to public policy in India. One lawmaker describes it as “an unnatural act (that) cannot be supported.”

This is evidence that the advance of special rights based on sexual deviancy is not in fact something that is inevitable, as we are constantly told by Big Gay. Sodomy was legalized by India’s Supreme Court in 2009, but the ruling has now been reversed. Good for India.

With regard to homosexuality, the question is not whether we are on “the right side of history” but whether we are on the side of the laws of nature and nature’s God. As of today, India’s Supreme Court is and America’s Supreme Court is not.

Michael Sam represents the end of religious liberty in the NFL

Michael Sam, the out, loud and proud homosexual defensive lineman from Missouri, may not actually be good enough to play in NFL. The report from the combine is that he may not have the size to play defensive line in the big leagues nor the speed to play linebacker. But if he doesn’t get drafted and signed, Big Gay will starting hollering homophobia.

Michael Sam’s coming out may be like the coming out of former NBA center Jason Collins – the effort of a bubble player looking to boost his marketability.

Now if Sam enters NFL, it will represent the end of religious liberty in NFL. Every Christian player and every Christian coach will be badgered to publicly support sodomy. Or else.

My counsel to Christians in the NFL: if you are asked about about Sam and homosexuality, give the media one answer, and one answer only, over and over again, no matter how the question is asked and no matter how many times it is asked: “I believe sex is for marriage, and marriage is between one man and one woman. Next?”

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Bryan Fischer is the Director of Issue Analysis at the American Family Association. He has degrees from Stanford University and Dallas Theological Seminary. He pastored for 25 years in Idaho, where he served as the chaplain of the Idaho state senate and co-authored Idaho's marriage amendment. He came to AFA in 2009.
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