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Let me introduce you to the reframers of America: a godless foursome whose radical contributions have reshaped our nation and altered our principles. For more than a century, their ‘enlightened’ agendas have been methodically implemented. Their lies and perversions have been upheld as a gold standard of free and critical thinking. They are gone but their legacy lives on.

Sanger -Murder- Women’s Health

Kinsey -Pedophilia- Human Sexuality

Marx -Theft- Economics/Politics

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Dewey -Propaganda- Education

We owe it to them, how we are now to view ourselves, based on their analysis and conceptions of human behavior and civil society. Traditional values have been chipped away by the secular elite’s widespread ideological infiltration of our nation over the past century.

I have been enlightened by my research of these individuals. My beliefs are reaffirmed by their methods.

In the tradition of radical progressivism, socialist leaders, gay radicals and Hollywood are forcing the religion of secular humanism, ‘if it feels good do it,’ and actually bullying and breaking laws to do so. I advocate changing minds with apologetics, changing hearts with the gospel and re-establishing traditional American values at the voting booth.

In 1829, during his Harvard speech, Supreme Court Justice Joseph Story proudly proclaimed Christianity’s role in shaping our moral civil society:

I verily believe Christianity necessary to the support of civil society. One of the beautiful boasts of our municipal jurisprudence is that Christianity is a part of the Common Law … There never has been a period in which the Common Law did not recognize Christianity as lying its foundations.

We are living in confusing and arbitrary times. The folks in charge are acting so boldly that they are actually utilizing illegal means to legalize immorality.

Look where compromise has gotten us. We have been complicit in our own demise. It is vital that we stand behind the moral, fundamental, constitutional few who seek to ethically and logically collaborate with an exasperated American majority. The GOP will have to embrace constitutional conservatism or die. Wearing their faith and convictions on their sleeve, a scandal-weary America is becoming politically educated and are fed up…

Speaking loudly and proudly they understand that the time is now. The days of playing not to lose are over. A righteous stand is long overdue.

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A.J. Castellitto is a freelance writer. His writings have been published by Western Journalism, Reformed Perspective and RenewAmerica. He is author of the book America Lost. Tweets @AmericaLost2014

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