Reese Witherspoon Complains about Sexism during Ceremony Honoring Bruce Jenner as a ‘Woman’

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Reese Witherspoon recently commented on sexism being at a “crisis” stage in Hollywood, yet she made these remarks while attending an event honoring Bruce Jenner as a woman.

UPI reported on Nov. 11 that Witherspoon attended the Glamour Women of the Year Awards during which she gave a speech after accepting one of said awards. UPI noted she spoke about “Hollywood sexism and ageism” and even used the word “crisis” to describe the alleged problem. Meanwhile, the last paragraph of the article noted that “[d]esigner Victoria Beckham and reality star Caitlyn Jenner were among the nights other honorees.”

In other words, Witherspoon complained about “sexism” at an awards ceremony honoring Bruce Jenner as a woman.

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I found the text of the speech Witherspoon gave and it’s a doozy of a feminist rant on how tough it is to be an overpaid, female child in an industry full of children playing dress-up and make-believe. There’s also no indication she’s aware of how ironic her speech was since she was participating in an event that thinks one of the best examples of a woman is a man.

Hollywood truly is in a cultural crisis but just not for the reasons Witherspoon thinks. Women aren’t given too few roles or underpaid. They’re given too many roles and greatly overpaid. So are men, for that matter. The entertainment industry is also a sewer and it rarely, if ever, contributes anything positive towards culture. In short, she has zero reason to be angry or even mildly upset for the reasons she stated. Furthermore, why is she at another awards ceremony? How many award ceremonies do celebrities need to validate themselves

On top of all this, Hollywood is at the front of the War on Reality, promoting the laughable fiction that men are women and women are men. Witherspoon’s participation in the Glamour Women of the Year Awards shows that she’s apparently happy to be part of this hugely destructive War.

So if anyone has a right to be outraged with anyone, it isn’t Witherspoon with “sexists.” It’s the American people who have a right to be outraged with her and her cronies for tearing down society.

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