Red States Gain Population Fleeing Blue States

Democrats continue to say that they have the best policies for a good way of life.

They have shown how good their way of life is by the way they run Chicago, a city with financial woes, striking school teachers, poverty, strict gun control laws and ordinances along that are responsible for more gun violence than any other city in America.

Then also show us with other cities they control like San Francisco, Los Angeles, Baltimore and New York.

These cities also have financial problems, high crime, poverty and more.

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If the Democrat way of life is so good, then how do you explain the fact that thousands of people have fled two blue states, New York and Illinois, while two red states, Texas and Florida, have seen an increase of thousands of people.

Fox News – Texas, Florida see big population gains, while New York, Illinois see big losses, Census Bureau data show – The exodus from two of the nation’s biggest Blue States continues, according to new numbers from the U.S. Census Bureau. Many Red States, meanwhile, continue to gain population, the figures show.

The biggest population losers between July 2017 and July 2018 were the high-tax, Democrat-controlled states of New York and Illinois.

In that one-year span, New York lost more than 48,000 residents, while Illinois’ population declined by more than 45,000, the figures show.

“It’s taxes. It’s corruption. It’s politics,” Mary Miller, a former Illinois resident, told the Chicago Tribune, explaining why she moved to Florida. “And I don’t mean Republicans or Democrats. It’s all of them.” …

I know that thousands of people have also fled another blue state, California because of the way Democrats have been governing the state.

They are fleeing the high taxes, socialist cap and trade, strict gun control laws and the sanctuary status that protects the 3 million illegals that live in the state.

Can you imagine what will happen if Democrats ever gain total control over the Congress and the White House?

Where will the American people flee to then?



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