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While there may be a lot of doom and gloom, there’s still hope. And certainly there’s hope because with God all things are possible. Put another way…there is nothing impossible for God.

Mat Staver: Matt, there was an article that was written by Don Feder, Don is a Jew who wrote this article, “Seven Reasons to Hope for America.” Some of these we need to remind ourselves with respect to.

#1. There’s an explosion of conservative activism. According to the latest Gallup poll, 38% of Americans are self-identified conservatives, against only 24% who call themselves liberals, and 34% moderates. –

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Even after six and a half years of the most dogmatically leftist administration in our history, with a mainstream media shamelessly promoting its policies and Hollywood casting conservatives…[in a very negative light]…well over a third of Americans say they’re conservatives…

I would say that even those, Matt, that say that they’re moderate still have Judeo-Christian values, some of the policies might not be connected in their mind correctly. But I think that we still have a core group of people in America who are ready for a positive change, not the hope and change that President Obama ultimately promised, because that ultimately is a destruction of our Judeo-Christian values.

Matt Barber: Yea…absolutely Mat. Number 2 — and I like this one, I know you do, too, as a big proponent of the Second amendment:

America is awash in firearms. God bless America! – Thomas Jefferson wrote: “What country can preserve its liberties if their rulers are not warned from time to time that this people preserve the spirit of resistance. Let them take arms.”

America has the highest per capita gun ownership in the world – 88.8 per 100 residents in 2014, against 30.8 for Canada and 31.2 in France.

And Mat, as you know, there are actually more firearms in the United States of America than there are people!

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