Reasons Liberals Won’t Enjoy Thanksgiving

When you look at many of the things liberals do and say, you wind that they live by what I described as ‘selective allowable discrimination’.

They choose what to get upset about, what to discriminate against, and what they will or won’t do.

Their personal ethics and values are completely illogical and inconsistent, such as opposing the death penalty for convicted murderers while at the same time promoting the first-degree murder of innocent unborn babies.

Below is a list of some of the illogical ways that many liberals won’t have a good Thanksgiving, or why they shouldn’t.

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Liberty Unyielding – Liberals find new ways to be miserable on Thanksgiving – On Thursday, the majority of households in America will give thanks for their bounties. Presumably that includes liberals, although as in years past they will doubtless set aside time to be unhappy.

During the Obama years, the demand that Americans be miserable on Thanksgiving came almost as a formal proclamation from the White House, which urged those assembled at the holiday table to squabble not only over who gets a drumstick but health insurance.

Obama, blessedly, is no longer president, but that won’t prevent the Left from having a lousy Thanksgiving. Among the things they can feel unhappy about are:

In addition to the list from the above reference, I would like to add that one way to make the Thanksgiving holiday an unhappy and perhaps unpleasant event, would be to have a below normal temperature.

You could use that to counter the liberal’s stance that the world is steadily warming, due to man’s carbon footprint.

Another way to ruin their holiday is to have the join in prayer for our nation and our nation’s leaders.

However, this is a day where we should focus on the blessings we have received from God and instead of making the holiday miserable for liberals, we should strive to show them their need for Jesus Christ.



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